Louis DeJoy Is Killing It

p until about a year ago, carrying mail for the United States Postal Service was among the most predictable ways to earn a living. My father did it for 20 years, and I worked alongside him for two of them. You show up, throw magazines and loose letters into the labeled slots at your designated mail case, and deliver the route. You come back when the truck is empty, and the next morning, you get to work filling it up again. A Sisyphean means of community service. “Every day!” echoing in a sing-songy voice on the floor by carriers with a strong sense of gallows humor: The mail never stops, and it’ll keep going long after they’re gone.

Until last year, that is, when the pandemic began to crush this American institution under the weight of its sworn duty. As frontline workers, carriers began getting sick: By September last year, roughly 8 percent of postal workers had taken time off as a result of illness or exposure, a percentage that surely increased along with cases. Considering the increase in overall mail volume thanks to the pandemic’s e-commerce boom, this resulted in overworked carriers covering unprecedented levels of empty routes. On-time delivery of presorted first class mail fell from 94 percent at the end of 2019 to 91 percent after the start of the pandemic in 2020.


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None Dare Call It Treason & Murder

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Americans “have got to know” if our last president conspired to commit treason and murder to end American democracy.

Did Donald Trump and some of the people around him conspire to have others murder the Vice President and Speaker of the House in order to hold power and conceal his crimes for another four years?

Time and evidence will eventually prove or disapprove that question, but the evidence before us right now is pretty grim.

About a week after Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, he fired his Secretary of Defense and replaced him with a reliable toady, Christopher Miller. He also replaced several other senior civilian officials at the Pentagon around the same time, including one who was a “protégé” of Mike Flynn.

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Pizza outlawed in Georgia To Suppress the Vote

I can’t make this up. The state of Georgia passed a law this week, HB 531, that outlaws handing out pizza slices and water to voters waiting for hours to vote.

But Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger objected to the law because, he said, his office had already ruled that pizza at the polls is a crime. Before the Georgia US Senate run-offs, Raffensperger threatened groups, stating that:

“offering food, drinks, or other items of value to voters waiting in line or those who have already voted is forbidden under Georgia law (OCGA § 21-2-570).”

Anyone handing pizza to a voter, according to Raffensperger, “shall be guilty of a felony.” No kidding.


Voting Rights Attorney Barbara Arnwine in front of Cobb County, GA lines for early voting. (PIF/Freeman)

Inspection- Brother Donnie: the Golden Calf

“Holy, holy, holy, LORD Brother Donnie…”

By Ken Carman

 When we first moved south we stopped at a motel in Covington, Kentucky. Early Sunday morning I got up and turned on the TV and there was one of ‘those’ preachers. I had never actually seen a faith healer in action so I was fascinated. Mr Healer Inspectioncalled a deaf woman up on stage, stage hands helped her up. He told her and the audience he was going to heal her. Hands over her ears he cried, “In the name of Jesus say, ‘I am healed!'”
 Puzzled look.
 ”In the name of Jesus say, ‘I am healed!!'”
 Head tilts, She still had a puzzled look
 Finally he slowly parsed his words, making sure she was watching, “In the name of Jesus say, I… AM… HEALED!!!”
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How to Keep the Country from Going to Hell

I’ve told you about mantras I teach undergraduates. Here’s another one: “You can’t get anything done when fascists are sitting at the table of democratic politics.” A democratic community can tolerate a vast array of opinions. However, it cannot, and should not, tolerate opinions in which democratic politics is the problem. If it does, then nothing needing to get done gets done—and everyone suffers. Kaitlin Byrd put it another way: “Democrats are the entire spectrum of rational politics in this country. We don’t have a government, and we won’t, until we break the Republican Party.”

I think Byrd’s “spectrum of rational politics” is ideal for viewing the debate over “cancel culture.” This term is gaining traction thanks to Donald Trump’s lawyers accusing the House Democrats of “canceling” the former president’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech during his second impeachment trial. And like most people aligned with Trump, or most people seeing opportunities in that alignment, they pervert reality. Truth is, the sacking and looting of the United States Capitol, which Trump incited, was an attempt to cancel a free and fair democratic election. These fascists did not fight for principles. They fought against democratic politics itself. (Indeed, many of them longed for a United States purified by blood and violence.)


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