The Puppet Presidency of Donald J Trump

Written by Steve Body

I have thought for a long time, now, that there is *something* behind all this hysterical enslavement to Donald Trump.

I mean, if you or any rational person was inclined to become a spineless acolyte to ANY past or present politician, would it be Donald Trump? In what universe? A cowardly bully, an Eastern elitist, a sissy-boy who has never actually been in a physical confrontation, though he has said things that would certainly provoke one, because he cowers behind armies of feral attorneys and launches social media and legal attacks designed to ruin his enemies, of which there are THOUSANDS. This is the tough guy that legions of Good Ol’ Joe middle American men fixate on as a role model? Ronald Reagan, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, okay, we get all those. But THIS guy, the absolute antithesis of what “tough guy” has traditionally meant?

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Federal Judge Warns Trump May Be Held Liable For January 6 Insurrection


In a ruling on Wednesday in the case of one of the accused Capitol rioters, U.S. Judge Emmett Sullivan offered a provocative aside about former President Donald Trump’s role in the attack.

Sullivan ruled that Jeffrey Sabol of Colorado is too dangerous and too much of a flight risk to be released prior to his trial. Sabol is accused of beating a cop during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, which sought to prevent Congress from officially counting the Electoral College votes that made Joe Biden president.

The judge rejected the argument that Sabol was prompted to engage in the insurrection in the heat of the moment, spurred on by Trump’s rally. Evidence suggests, instead, that Sabol engaged in “prior planning” ahead of the attack, Sullivan found, which distinguishes him from rioters who are not being held pre-trial.


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