Inspection- Ninjas WILL Uncover Another ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy!

          The port our secret team of cyber ninjas sailed forth from. Courtesy Wikipedia.

By Ken Carman

 Our highly successful super duper cyber Ninjas are about to uncover more…. !!!DEEP STATE!!! …secrets. In addition to forensic audits, with all the accuracy of a bull moose doing microsurgery using a scalpel held in his mouth, cyber ninjas have hired a ship and manned it with ninja experts sailing forth to find all those hidden servers. Find what was spirited away by the… !!!DEEP STATE!!! …and their evil servants: BLM, Antifa and libtards. (Ain’t we clever!?).
 EVERYONE knows 2020 was stolen from Donald Trump.
Inspection EVERYONE knows ALL those nurses, doctors, physician-scientists and immunologists are involved in a vast, complex, worldwide conspiracy: so many lying about the vaccine, COVID and masks.
 EVERYONE knows the January protest was peaceful and those videos were fake.
 The ninjas will never rest. Let us tell you about their new effort to uncover… !!!DEEP STATE!!! …secrets.
 We put together a team of ninja experts to go where no ninja has gone before. Read more

Polls, Polls, the Musical Fruit the More You Pay the More They Toot

Written by Richard Romine


I get a general feeling that anything privately owned or sponsored reflects the owners. Polls are no different. As long as you make sure that you have a bought and paid-for poll saying what you want, you can ignore the others. This is from FAIR and today I want to discuss the “Red Herring” argument used by so many to shape public opinion. I will soon write one on the system of polling itself.

Cherry-Picking Polls to Hide Public Support for Biden’s Spending Plan

Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen (9/30/21) says that Sen. Joe Manchin “correctly reads public opinion.” That’s more than you can say for Henry Olsen.
Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen (9/30/21) lauded Sen. Joe Manchin’s opposition to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package being considered by Congress, because Manchin “correctly reads public opinion.”That opinion, Olsen asserted, does not support the “radical change” that the reconciliation package, known as the Build Back Better bill, entails.
His assertion is contradicted by his own newspaper’s poll, conducted with ABC News (8/29/21-9/1/21), which reported that Americans support the reconciliation package 53% to 41%.
That finding was similar to several other polls, as shown below. Read more

Inspection- Down the Politically Correct Anti-Socialism Memory Hole

       Winston Smith and the memory hole- John Hurt as Winston Smith

By Ken Carman

 Those of us who were classically educated years ago: college and regular school history classes, know the difference between Socialism and Communism. No matter what form, ACTUAL Socialism is partial ownership of the means of production by the state, the rest owned privately; but regulated. (“Country,” for those who confuse actual states with “the state.”) Communism is SUPPOSED TO BE total ownership of the means of production by the state.
Inspection Very basic definitions. There are various forms of Socialism.
 So I was surprised when I started looking into socialist countries on the web and found Communist states listed as Socialist. No explanation. I found the true definitions pretty much absent. Countries that are Democratic Socialist pretty much not listed, or the wrong ones.
 Are you suspicious?
 Yup, so am I. Read more

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