Really? Aren’t We Better Than This?

You know, my cousin and I have had many discussions where we disagree about talk show hosts on the Left, satire, and how to approach the rather nasty, mean spirited, cruel, sadistic element on the Right, or Reich as some of us prefer. My opinion is a bit more on the, “They’re not going to stop, and the only way to deal with bullies is to beat back harder” side. But even I cringe at the site…

How would you feel about this if the other side had lost?

I do hope a little real learning comes out of their sadness, though I suspect the only “learning” will be “we have to be further to the right, nastier, meaner and more bat shisen crazy,” but mocking their sadness merely assures that. Yes, I would feel that way about those who would mock the Germans who mourned Hitler, or the Russians who mourned Stalin.

On this, I suspect, my cousin who posts here too, agree.