Saturday’s Quote: Contrary to Billo’s Blather, Stewart Took On Cramer a Year Ago

Fox News’ ‘Mr. Fact Check’ is at it again.

“I love the way that Jim Cramer breaks down really complex financial issues into ones that are wrong. By the way, you may want to join Jim Cramer on his new show, No Matter How Good I Am At This Over The Next 10 Years, I Will Never Make Up The Amount Of Money I Blew For People Last Tuesday. Don’t take your money out of Bear Stearns, it’s only going to be worthless.”
— Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, nearly one year ago on March 17, 2008.

[Note: This contradicts Bill “Is Anyone Listening?” O’Reilly’s false claim that Stewart only started criticizing Cramer after Cramer dumped on Obama. H/T to Media Matters.]