How to Slow-Cook Trump Stew (American Style)

William Rivers Pitt's picture

8 cans Ronald Reagan brand broth
5 cups campaign finance deregulation
8 cans financial industry deregulation
2 lbs. tax breaks for wealthy
6 cups media consolidation
2 lbs. fundamentalist Christianity, Falwell/Robertson brand (cubed, not browned)
4 finely diced education priorities
25 gallons of war (x2)
5 lbs. cuts of social services
1 crate bullets
1 crate guns
10 cans oil
5 cups fear
5 cups hate
5 cups rage
5 cups misogyny
5 stalks pure White Supremacy brand cane sugar (unrefined)
1 orange Trump

Cook Time: 35 years on low heat, slowly increasing the temperature over time. Best prepared in a used oil barrel over an open fire.

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