Trick or Treat

Written by Jenn Weinshenker

Carving a pumpkin
Putting a candle inside the thing
Setting it on an inverted pot
To flicker amber
From the window sill
And masquerading with friends
Can be tons of fun
But Halloween
And all of the rest of it
You can keep it
Take it

Sold in dark theaters
Blood and guts
Things that go bump in the night
Monsters hiding under a bed
Psychos lurking outside a shower curtain
Spiders coming up a drain
Wrong numbers
Malevolent clowns
Killer dolls
And sudden bang-pops from deceptive balloons
Just give me the creeps

Im not interested in
Scary as hell traditions
Incestuously commingled with religious holidays
That introduce to impressionable children
They are Satan’s pawns
In order to insure the self-perpetuation
Of obsolete spooky institutions
I have no time for the repetition of this myth
Promoted with chocolate

My light is out
Copyright 2003
Jenn Weinshenker
All Rights Reserved.