The News Pauper: What Good Does It Do You?

By W.B. Dunne

Tax cuts lead to Income Inequality, which leads to financial collapse.

The News Pauper exists in the real world where when one guy has it all there is nothing left to buy from anyone and soon there is a dead world with a big pile of money left behind. There is something downright biblical in the idea that it cannot serve you to own the world while forfeiting your soul. I want one of the greedy one-per centers that control the wealth of the ninety percent of the rest of us to explain the benefit derived by destroying the machine that creates the wealth they steal and hoard. My particular interest is what they will buy when they have finally leveraged the whole of mankind and the rock we stand on.

Is a financial collapse the only remedy?

These same types do the same thing with blood. Starting wars and holocausts are what they have done so well, while never seeing or feeling the fear and torment themselves.

All over the planet this psychopathic process repeats itself over and over. Anyone who reads any history will quickly tire of the repetition of the prince that destroyed his country in homage to his ego, only to die in a quiet well-made bed. While I personally would only use measured force to quell a violent outbreak, responding in kind, these armchair generals send us like toys into bloody quagmires.

The News Pauper feels his impotence as he writes his lonely screeds. Jesus himself would falter to see what has been made of his philosophy. God has moved on to greener pastures. The only positive seems to be that at least this is limited to this planet in the universe.

Also, I want a computer program that chimes in when it likes something I write.

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