Christmas Reflections

Written by Millie Jenny C.


Christmas colors reflect & blink
Lining the sides of streets
Bright greens and reds,
Golds, blues, silvery colors.
Proudly proclaiming Seasonal greetings.

Christmas spirit fills the air.
Sometimes accompanied by music.
Filling me with nostalgia.
Memories of childhood . . .
Dreaming of treasures.
Anticipating gifts that sometimes still
Come my way. . .
Dont feel as magical
As in years past.

The giddy anticipation of a child
Innocence & laughter recalled.
Grandparents remembered.
Old friends and new friends gathering together
Sharing fruits, cakes, cookies
Other treats. . .
Sharing stories of Christmases past.
Hopes for the present. . .
Dreams & visions of all Christmases to come.

Come share your Christmas with me. .
Join around the Christmas tree.
Hand in hand in anticipation
Join in the celebration . . .
Of laughter, magic, and love

Christmas joy to all here and above
Copyright 2009
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved