Suwannee Song

Author’s note: for many years I entertained at Spirit of Suwannee’s Olde Tyme days; Thanksgiving time, and my wife Millie would come visit. We would canoe and kayak. Then I would stay and continue doing shows in the area almost up to Christmas, while they put up a really beautiful drive through light exhibit. So Christmas time my mind sometimes still drifts down that river…

Written by Ken Carman

Picture courtesy Florida State Parks

Picture courtesy Florida State Parks

I’ve seen you
You’ve seen me
Through many changes
I’ve often wondered
Is the “we”
Both of us were
Anything like
The “us”
We we are now?

The love we have
Sometimes love
Sometimes not
Has wandered
Through many corners
And crevasses
Much like this meandering stream
It seems
As deeply shaded
As this quietly quilted river

Sometimes we float
Sometimes we fly
Through our love
A soaring Suwannee lullaby
Parachuting into occasional pleasure
Through occasional pain
If we had been sane
Our first
February day
Would we have run the other way?
There are other possible paths
We never pursued
Both of us may regret

But what we look forward to now
We would have missed back then
We look forward
To what love always seems to lie around
The next lazy Suwannee River bend
Copyright 2009
Ken Carman
all rights reserved