Today’s Quote: Coburn the Liberal?

Don’t be fooled: C Streeter and wingnut GOP conservative Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma isn’t changing his stripes; he, and the other members of the GOP elite, have noticed that their angry, apocalyptic rhetoric has unleashed a firestorm of bigotry and ugliness in the base, the kind of blind rage that scares away the independent voters the Republicans desperately need to win in 2010 and 2012.

Come on now. She is nice [Nancy Pelosi] how many of you all have met her? Shes a nice person”

Just because somebody disagrees with you dodnt (sic) mean theyre not a good person”

So dont catch yourself being biased by FOX News that somebody is no good. The people in Washington are good. They just dont know what they dont know
— Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Ding-Dong), to an Oklahoma townhall meeting, April 6, 2010, as quoted by the Capitol News Connection. H/t to