Christmas Dreams, Christmas Nightmares

Written by Lilith Raymour

Christmas dreams
Christmas nightmares
Schemes to get what one wants
Pool inside the porridge
One finds
Inside mixed up human minds

Are they from God?
The Grinch?
Will we awake
With a more realistic pinch
When we die
To find the old goof’s sleigh
Was hauled off
By some celestial
Parking cop wench
With her winch
For improper
Theological parking?

Jesus never said
Celebrate my birth
Eat turkey and dressing
Increase your girth
I hear
He never said
Love each other
Only one day
Out of the year

But we dress it up
On that single day
And encourage
Little tykes
To dream of
Dolls and bikes

Mass marketed love
That only theologically pleases
Buddy Jesus
©Copyright 2010
Lilith Raymour
all rights reserved