The News Pauper: Now That’s Leadership!

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper returns from his travels in the real world.

The “news” is full of the items that perpetuate the status quo of hyperbole over content.

It is the humble NP’s desire to avoid dissipating my meager energies responding to the daily outrage in deference to observing the larger trends that indicate the way the future will be. The following is a commentary that no doubt will go against the grain of the latest strident outcry over Obama’s moves in office.

I support Obama because he is in fact playing a long game that has already begun to bear fruit. Namely, look how we as a public are digesting real information again … even the Foxers can’t escape discussing the reality of the disparity in the wealth people hold in this country while the tax cut debate proceeds.

Fox News and the media at large are cornered into presenting facts, although skewed, in the story about WikiLeaks. The list goes on as you, dear reader, already know. It isn’t my intention to repeat the litany of which you are completely aware.

The cries on the left of betrayal by Obama are good for the discourse in the regard that the right is compelled to gloat publicly, drawing a huge amount of attention to the policies in question. Obama is wise, and far from weak…how else would he be able to commit to such a course?

He knows what is necessary to turn the ship of state.

The energy he is creating on the left by pretending to cater to the right will be a force that shows the tea party for what it is; a shell. The right is forced into an impossible position of supporting the devil himself to get their agenda enacted, and I can point out several examples of this dynamic already happening in the tax cut story.

I suspect the grown-ups on the right are aware of the rope-a-dope and cannot get their sluggers from expending the strength they will need to go the long rounds. The sheer joy they get from pounding on the ‘Magic Negro’ will ebb and I predict the brother will have the fight in him when that time comes.

His own party is openly defying the White House, making it appear that the president is losing ground. That’s okay, the country is benefitting from the exposure of the issues this confrontation engenders.

It is getting good folks, the coming season will wreak havoc on the right. Your humble NP enjoys the prospect of the contortions they will endure when they attempt to deal with the popularity of Obama’s tack in their own ranks.

To my friends on the left, my fellow travelers, I insist you take these thoughts into account and correct my shortcomings if you detect any.

© 2010 WB Dunne. All Rights Reserved.