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Chili and Apples

How do you like them apples!

It’s a chili day in CNY. Yes, I know that should read chilly, but it’s a good day for chili and for apples. As a matter of fact it is Apple Fest in Ithaca today and local chili competitions aren’t far behind.

Just look at those jelly jars. Gorgeous fall colors and the contents are sure to warm your soul and any PBJ you might make with them. Also good with turkey sandwiches. Read more

Strange Cars

salesIt seems that sometimes you don’t recognize how much someone was hurting you, until you make them stop. Then, just as you’ve become accustomed to not looking over your shoulder, a strange car pulls in the driveway. The panic, the desire to hide, to call for help, though you know they have seen you, and then the relief when the driver turns out to just be someone unexpected. Not necessarily someone you are delighted to see. More like – oh it’s just the Fuller Brush Man (for those of us old enough to remember door to door salesmen).
That degree of relief threw a spotlight on how much I had been allowing myself to be beaten down. Perhaps surviving those (in my case metaphorical) beatings somehow was affirming. I am strong. I made it through. I can do this.

I was strong enough to take it, but not to refuse it.

I began to walk away from the problem, with the help of family and friends, and the wounds began to heal. I guess it is kind of like a broken bone. It happens. It hurts. It mends. The ache gradually lessens, and once you are through it, it’s just another story in your life.
Hey remember the time I fell out of that tree, or off that horse, or tripped and fell and I broke my arm? It doesn’t seem too bad – until you think it’s going to happen again. The scabs have finally fallen off, but the skin is still tender, and you don’t want those wounds reopened.

Teachers Without Borders

HedgesOh my. This article by Chris Hedges about his teacher, the Rev. Coleman Brown, left me inspired and lonely and wondering: What if we all had a teacher like Coleman Brown? Not just a teacher who inspires us and teaches well, but one that cares about their students and teaches beyond the classroom walls.

I have learned a great deal from inspiring people. I am amazed/amused at how many of them are seminarians who though they went on to a career outside of the church, brought their deep faith to their careers. Read more

Howard Zinn reminds us….

When the first English settlers moved into Indian land in Massachusetts Bay and were resisted, the violence escalated into war with the Pequot Indians. The killing of Indians was seen as approved by God, the taking of land as commanded by the Bible. The Puritans cited one of the Psalms, which says: “Ask of me, and I shall give thee, the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the Earth for thy possession.”

When the English set fire to a Pequot village and massacred men, women and children, the Puritan theologian Cotton Mather said: “It was supposed that no less than 600 Pequot souls were brought down to hell that day.”

On the eve of the Mexican War, an American journalist declared it our “Manifest Destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence.” After the invasion of Mexico began, The New York Herald announced: “We believe it is a part of our destiny to civilize that beautiful country.”

It was always supposedly for benign purposes that our country went to war.


Read the entire article HERE


Glenn Beck has been trumpeting again about the persecution of the Christian Church.

Glenn – if there is any persecution of the Christian Church in the US it has been fomented by wack-a-doodles like you, who spew your special brand of hatred because it fills your pockets with greenbacks. I seriously doubt if even you are as nutty as you sound.

Not to say that you and all those other fake ‘family values’spokespersons aren’t aided and abetted by the so called ‘liberal press’ and the decidedly off the cliff FOX so-called news, who have turned away from JOURNALISM to wallow in supermarket tabloid entertainment(?).  Read more

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