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Inspection- Ninjas WILL Uncover Another ‘Deep State’ Conspiracy!

          The port our secret team of cyber ninjas sailed forth from. Courtesy Wikipedia.

By Ken Carman

 Our highly successful super duper cyber Ninjas are about to uncover more…. !!!DEEP STATE!!! …secrets. In addition to forensic audits, with all the accuracy of a bull moose doing microsurgery using a scalpel held in his mouth, cyber ninjas have hired a ship and manned it with ninja experts sailing forth to find all those hidden servers. Find what was spirited away by the… !!!DEEP STATE!!! …and their evil servants: BLM, Antifa and libtards. (Ain’t we clever!?).
 EVERYONE knows 2020 was stolen from Donald Trump.
Inspection EVERYONE knows ALL those nurses, doctors, physician-scientists and immunologists are involved in a vast, complex, worldwide conspiracy: so many lying about the vaccine, COVID and masks.
 EVERYONE knows the January protest was peaceful and those videos were fake.
 The ninjas will never rest. Let us tell you about their new effort to uncover… !!!DEEP STATE!!! …secrets.
 We put together a team of ninja experts to go where no ninja has gone before. Read more

Inspection- Down the Politically Correct Anti-Socialism Memory Hole

       Winston Smith and the memory hole- John Hurt as Winston Smith

By Ken Carman

 Those of us who were classically educated years ago: college and regular school history classes, know the difference between Socialism and Communism. No matter what form, ACTUAL Socialism is partial ownership of the means of production by the state, the rest owned privately; but regulated. (“Country,” for those who confuse actual states with “the state.”) Communism is SUPPOSED TO BE total ownership of the means of production by the state.
Inspection Very basic definitions. There are various forms of Socialism.
 So I was surprised when I started looking into socialist countries on the web and found Communist states listed as Socialist. No explanation. I found the true definitions pretty much absent. Countries that are Democratic Socialist pretty much not listed, or the wrong ones.
 Are you suspicious?
 Yup, so am I. Read more

Inspection- The Permissive Party v. The Spoiled Brat Party

Inspection The scene is classic. Take junior to the store. He wants a candy bar. Maybe parents are worried about his teeth, his diet, how spoiled he might be becoming, but the parents gently say no. It will spoil your dinner.

By Ken Carman

We have candy at home, your older brother will just steal it from you, your ugly fat ass will get bigger… OK I just added the last for fun.
 Well, the son starts to have a tantrum, The whole store can hear him. Other patrons have to step out of the way as his wails bust eardrums, shatter squashes and make cashiers double scan things. The customers don’t notice until they’re out of the store, and say to themselves not worth going back in.
 The parents just wait for the tantrum to stop. No threats. No nothing.
 Junior raises the noise level. Smashes his fist down on cartons of eggs. Pushes over other patrons carts. Runs under the skirts of elderly ladies and pulls them down in front of everyone.
 Parents wait for the tantrum to stop. Maybe say nice things. Maybe give in. Maybe promise something else. Still the tantrum continues.
 The kid is much of the right, too many Republicans, a lot of MAGAS, those who dare to call themselves “Conservatives,” certainly the terrorists of January 6th. Read more

Inspection- Political Improv

By Ken Carman

 I guess politics have been becoming more a clichéd stage act for quite a while, rather than honest debate and discussion. Talking points and framing are to blame, in part. But it goes deeper than that. Anyone else notice that Biden is an idiot memes and comments are aplenty? They started after he began his campaign and seem at an apex now.
 Anyone else notice the same thing happened once Trump took office?
Inspection Sooner or later we’ll shift to evil, dangerous, mean, cruel, bully, tyrant… we’re getting there already. Socialist is like the overdone, thick, frosting on the cake; just like fascist has been for the left.
 I am not really writing about content here. Why? Read more

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