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Voter Fraud v. Election Fraud

Written by DJ Allyn



Those Democrats really suck at all that massive “Voter’s Fraud” they were accused of. Even in those states where the legislature created those new laws based on all that rampant ‘fraud” going on only to have the Courts shut them down.

Look at that Wisconsin, where there were all sorts of claims about massive fraud — so much so that even when the Supreme Court told them that their shiny new law could not be implemented, Scott Walker was able to squeak out a win 52.29 percent of the vote to the Democratic challenge of 46.57 percent.

It’s funny, but with this “huge” Republican mandate/victory/repudiation thing that happened this past Tuesday, True The Vote has managed to declare that they haven’t found any evidence of voter fraud.

A week before Election Day, the “voter integrity” group True the Vote released a new smart phone app to empower its army of citizen detectives to report suspected incidents of voter fraud and intimidation across the country, in the hopes of creating a real time record of all this massive voter fraud. They were finally going to be able to “pull back the curtains” on the case of voter fraud once and for all.

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