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Inspection- Political Improv

By Ken Carman

 I guess politics have been becoming more a clichéd stage act for quite a while, rather than honest debate and discussion. Talking points and framing are to blame, in part. But it goes deeper than that. Anyone else notice that Biden is an idiot memes and comments are aplenty? They started after he began his campaign and seem at an apex now.
 Anyone else notice the same thing happened once Trump took office?
Inspection Sooner or later we’ll shift to evil, dangerous, mean, cruel, bully, tyrant… we’re getting there already. Socialist is like the overdone, thick, frosting on the cake; just like fascist has been for the left.
 I am not really writing about content here. Why? Read more

Inspection- P.T. Barnum Was an Honest Broker (In Comparison)

Courtesy The Guardian

As we honor those who died on 9/11, those who sacrificed their lives to save others, remember…
 There were those who profited off 9/11.
 Who used 9/11 to solidify power.
 Who ignored the warnings so they might profit, gain more power.
 Who destroyed lives when the truth came out about their lies.
 Who did as much damage in some ways as the planes. (Example: terrorism flourished under our ‘solution.’)
 Just like our forefathers did a lot of damage with some of their compromises.

By Ken Carman

 The story is always about the dreams, the hopes, the goals of our founders. Of an America always pushing forward to fill those dreams. Of course the lie to this framing is easily displayed by many things, including the slavery supporting 3/5ths compromise. Exterminating those who were here before we landed on the shores. Making it so only land owners could vote. There are many counters to this false framing.
Inspection Seems we have only advanced as little as we have DESPITE those who proclaim the loudest we are the best, the most free, nation in the world.
 if we compare ourselves to true dictatorships of course we are “more free.” But that’s a damn bad standard. Absolutely oppressive governments don’t really allow voting their leaders out of office, or free speech. Isn’t it at least a tad ironic, again, that those who proclaim the loudest how free we are are eager to take that freedom away, like the FOX talking heads who want to take the vote away from childish couples because they tend to be too liberal? Want to make it so, just like in a dictatorship, what you can and can’t do is limited by how loyal you are to one person you want as the leader? How much you love the flag and show no hint of rebellion; of protesting how we do the opposite of meeting our high standards? Read more

Inspection- ‘Great’ Idea Texas!

Example of normally packed courtroom. Expect after Texas for our courts to be more of a clown car “packed.”

By Ken Carman

 I’m pro-choice. In fact I was pro-choice before Roe. Yes, I was a Conservative at that time, however the religious right hadn’t quite got their Satan-istic claws caught in the movement yet. Living a few miles outside NYC; on a weekly basis, there would be a story about some woman found dead, often on a park bench, from a botched abortion. I am not Inspectionimpressed by “baby” comments. IT’S A FETUS. There are differences, especially early in the pregnancy.
 But, OK, if this is a thing, maybe we should joyfully follow their example. Every person who claims they stood their ground we get to sue. We get to sue their parents who may have backed that stance.
 Same with each and every insurrectionist on January 6th. Read more

Inspection- The “Buck” Should Stop in MANY Places

Courtesy The Martin Lawrence Gallery and Robert Deyber

I have tried to be non-partisan here, directly blame no specific person. But you should be able to see how they apply to many leaders.

By Ken Carman

  The phrase “the buck stops here” is similar to tropes like “the captain goes down with the ship.” Isn’t the captain sometimes the best person to lead the way to the boats so the passengers can abandon ship? Knows how many each can take safely? Knows the ways of the sea that might help passengers survive? Knows which way to row once ship has been abandoned more than many?
Inspection So the captain should commit suicide to punish himself? Climbing up on such a cross may seem noble, but often the opposite of being responsible, of what would be best. Let society and personal conscience decide guilt after. That’s “responsible.” Do what can help those around you instead.
 So many truisms we take for granted really aren’t all that true, nor the best thing to do.
 I understand the sentiment behind “the buck stops here,” but almost all the time “the buck” should stop in many places as well as the ‘captain.’ Whether you are head of a corporation or a country there are a lot of people who contributed to that decision, despite this metaphorical ball of… definitely rolls uphill. But look at what happened like a mass shooting at a church…
 The minister doesn’t load the gun.
 The minister doesn’t turn it on the masses.
 The minister doesn’t spray the crowd with bullets.
 The minister may lead his flock, been too tolerant oif someone perceived as dangerous to the group, or too stern, or too suggestive, but he doesn’t pull the trigger. Read more

Inspection- The Deadly Elephant in the Room

And we thought it might be over. Courtesy The Guardian.

By Ken Carman

 COVID is the elephant.
 I fear COVID will be a winter landmine. Only worse. As fall approaches I wonder: once we get inside with our new found mask-less “freedom” will the elephant in the room stomp even more of us to death? Unless we enforce vaccine cards or Inspectionmask rules: likely. Of course a different kind of hell will follow. You know: the childish anti-mask tirades and violent Reich wing resistance. Why one might think they were being shot 7 times in the back rapid fire, or knee-d to death instead of having a simple piece of cloth across their face, or having to prove they’re not a possible danger to others,
 Are there better examples of white privilege? Not many.
 SERIOUSLY, why aren’t we planning for this possibility NOW? We know COVID is mutating. “Quite clever this beastie is,” saith intellectual Yoda. People not getting that close, wearing masks? I think if COVID could talk it would say, “OK I’ll be even more infectious.” Vaccines? “OK, let’s work on getting around that!” Not as problematic for the young; those with stronger immune systems? “I worked on that! Done! Now let’s make it even worse.”
 One hell of a deadly game of chess, and I fear if allowed to keep mutating the final checkmate may be closer than we think.
 Meanwhile there are so many COVID helpers. Many of them say that only a small percentage die, as if their lives should mean far less to people who often consider themselves “pro-life.” Well, I suspect COVID is mutating to take care of that too. “A small percentage” FOR NOW. Anti maskers and anti-vaxxers are enabling this because that’s the way viruses work.. Complex organisms evolve unevenly, yet overall over a long period of time. A virus doesn’t have that complexity problem, in comparison. Read more

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