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Love’s a Pain

Love’s a Pain

Written by Lilith Raymour

I had tied him up and gagged him, then I led him to the rack and screw in our cellar, as I muttered, “‘Rack and screw,’ how ironic.” Through a gag I could hear him laugh.

He screamed each time I pulled the lever as his arms and legs stretched a little more. His toes and fingers curled in anguish. Fear shook his body as I approached his groin and reached gently over to the ring with little spikes pointed inward and gave it a little twist. He moaned as blood trickled down.

“Did I relieve the pressure?”

“A little.”

“I’ll relieve it some more.”

I spun the ring around several times as he shook back and forth in anguish.

I cracked the whip and it echoed in the cellar.

“Are we having fun yet?” I asked him.

He smiled weakly and said, “I love you.”

“I know, I can tell, you look stiffer than you’ve ever been.”

“I’m ready. Let’s make love. Release me.”

“Oh, I promised I’d get you all bothered, but I never promised I’d release you.”

His smile grew almost wider than his face, “Want me even harder?”

“Not quite, your brother is waiting upstairs. I’m leaving you down here. Maybe someone will find you. Or not.”

I could hear my husband’s muffled screams, “No, no, no” over and over again as I climbed the cellar stairs to meet my one true love.
©Copyright 2010
Lilith Raymour
all rights reserved

Hurt by Remote Control

Hurt by Remote Control

Written by Ken Carman

Why did I go away?
How can I explain?
Living with hurt
By remote control
Would have drained
My sane

Without a single touch

With just a look

By being there
Yet hardly there at all

You could not hear
Though your ears
Had been told
All that was left
For me
Was hurt
By remote control…

Some ways
Too easy I’d say
To use my mind
And replay
The more marvelous days
But also ponder
Days seemed cursed
Yet I will never
Miss the worst
Of the worst

When your laughter became
A blood stained razor
Each knowing smile
Each sarcastic smirk
A hammer claw
To rip me apart

I couldn’t even start
To drain my life down
Misery’s black hole again
So since I couldn’t even start
To protect my own heart
Or silence my head
I killed us instead

Such a suicide
Still leaves ghosts
But they do my bidding
Not yours
Though I hope
If told
You’d say you had no intent
To hurt
By remote control

Does it matter?
What was once warm
Had turned
So damn cold
Held all the cards
Decided to fold
And then
Never again
Be hurt
By remote control

I sense
You might
Some nights
Wish you owned
Some device
To torment this heart
Just so then
Once again
You could
Push my buttons
Flip those old
I severed
So very long ago

By remote control

Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

Anniversary’s Slender Thread

Anniversary’s Slender Thread

Author’s note: published on the 36th anniversary of when I met my husband

Written by Millie Jenny C.

Anniversaries pass by year after year
Sometimes it seems we joined hands only days ago

Others… a lifetime ago.

We’ve spent so much time together…
seems I’ve known you all my life.
Now our time together…

is not together all the time.

Gaps between time spent walking hand in hand…
distances between us in miles…

not in the love we feel.

Distances to travel to reconnect…

spend time together.

Stresses that occur from time to time…

in any relationship.

Let us remember always…
they are only minor stresses.
As time is stretched and reshaped…

as we grow together…
sometimes grow separately…
when we are apart.

But the connection, the tether, between us…
is there always… times together… times apart.
Love goes on along the slender thread
we started weaving nineteen years ago
and we will continue weaving… patching it when needed.
As the years and anniversaries…

pass into tomorrow.
Copyright 1996
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved

More Than a Flesh Wound

More Than a Flesh Wound

Image courtesy Kuri at

Written by Ken Carman

The hunter
Who would seduce you
Ordered to do a hit
Don’t expect him
To ever warn you
Forever tight lipped
He aims his lethal weapon
And the ragged hole is ripped

Cupid’s arrows
Too often have a poison tip
Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved