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Of Other People and Yesterday’s Trash

Of Other People and Yesterday’s Trash

Written by Ken Carman

Just when I think you’re gone
I see you in other people
Young girl
Bright red hair
Walked around a room
As if
She were the only one there
Handing her baby
Like what
Might have been ours
Off to everyone
Everyone but Dad
For Dad
Had been left behind

Just when I think you’re gone
I see you in the town
Where we once both lived
In the market place
Four Acres
Concert hall
Where we once danced
I do recall
And when on my way
I pass by
Where we first met
A fireman’s field day

Just when I think you’re gone
I turn on a radio
Hear you in song
Bringing back some
Of the most bitter
The saddest
My younger heart
Ever had

Of course
You’re not there
All I see
Or hear
Are ghosts
The we that was us
Is extremely past tense

I know you never care enough
To think of me
Though I’m still haunted by you
Brief moments we knew
I know
I was but yesterday’s trash
Thrown away
Once you were through
I know i should hate you
Or just give it a rest
But every time
I decide
That’s for all the best…

I see you in other people
©Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

“Yesterday’s trash”

Attempted Murder

Attempted Murder

Image courtesy

Written by Ken Carman

Every night he tries to kill me.

Why won’t the orderlies stop him?

I know. I know. I probably deserve this after all the grief I’ve put my parents, my husband and my boys through. Maybe I am insane. I was so tired of it all: the daily humdrum; all the responsibility. That’s how I got here; taking all those pills, pitching another fit, trying to hurt myself. After the hospital warned me my condition was “delicate” and I decided to walk out anyway, Alex had me committed. That night I cried myself to sleep and woke up with… him… on top of me.

No, not what you think… I swear he doesn’t even know I’m here. If I’m crazy this guy’s a whole certified flock of loons in one body.

Do they call a group of loons a “flock?”

The first night he tried to pound the hell out of me with his fists. He must be as weak as tea made from a whole lake and one teabag, I couldn’t feel a thing… but he made a good show of his night long tantrum. Last night he somehow found a fork and kept poking himself with it until the orderlies took it away. He came damn close to poking me several times.

I saw Alex outside through the window in the door. I’ll bet they think with the bars and the colored glass on door I can’t see a thing. Is that glass? But I can see. He had come here to get my things. How thoughtful. Don’t need them here anyway. Does that mean I’m going home soon? I would have run to the window and cried out to him, but I swear they must have me tied to this bed: I can’t move.

Why can’t anyone hear me?

I hear them.

Why doesn’t anyone see me here and what I’m going through?

Are they running out of beds? Is that why there’s two of us in one bed?

The other day I swore I over heard orderlies talking, saying they thought this room might be haunted because some woman died in her sleep here.

Oh, great. Great. Now on top of all this other shit I have to put up with some goddamn ghost?
Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved

A Little Hellish Competition

A Little Hellish Competition

Written by Lilith Raymour

Egg sizzle sidewalk
In a charbroiled city
Sun reflecting
Hellish heat rays
On the toiling
Work driven
And blue collar
Slave class
Sweat drenched

Must be envious
©Copyright 2010
Lilith Raymour
all rights reserved

Traveling Haikus

Traveling Haikus

Written by Millie Jenny C.

(From a long journey to Rehoboth, Delaware)

Counting off the hours
Watching the miles pass on by.
When will I get there?

Trying not to move
Every time I shift � Ouch!
Sunburn stop hurting!


Tick-tock, time passes.
I wish there was a time warp.
Wish I were there now!

I stand at the shore.
Water rushes in then back out.
Waves crash at my feet
©Copyright 2010
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved