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Early Morning Dog

Early Morning Dog

Dog waited quietly on her bed, muscles tense and almost trembling. The light through the window had woken her but she knew it would not serve well to wake her person too soon. That would mean harsh words. She waited impatiently for the turn and the stretch, the kicking at covers that would mean her person was waking too. The only sound that betrayed her was the sound of her licking her paws. She knew this too could cause her person to speak disapprovingly, but she could not help it.
Finally, her person would yawn, turned and sit up. Then the waiting would be interminable. First She would go into the little room. Then there would be many trips back and forth with items of clothing and shoes. She would stop to straighten the covers and even when She picked up the leash and opened the door it was not safe to assume this was really it. For inexplicable reasons She might turn back to fuss with something on the desk or in the little room.
Finally the steps. Carefully Dog would hurry down them and wait, trembling, her tail whipping her body back and forth while She clung to the railing and came slowly down, keeping her eyes on each step.
Dog must be quiet! It was so hard! Outside the squirrels skitted along the fence and up the trees, but this early gray trip out must be done quietly or She would chastise her.
A quick pass along the neighbors strip of grass, maybe a quick pee or a delicious scratching of the back, her torso wriggling one way and then the other, her paws paddling in the air. The quick trot between the houses to the sidewalk head high, nose sniffing, ears raised to the new day. And then the leash.
Head down, ears restrained but still the nose swinging back and forth her long hound dog ears swirling the aromatics up off the pavement. The morning was her time. The long walk before traffic, not hurrying to work or shop. Dog decided to turn at the corner or not. Trees were inspected for squirrels, cats sniffed out under bushes and other dogs primly greeted with the dance of the leash.
Dog waited, quietly. Only the sound of her licking her paws in anticipation, penetrated the woman’s fading sleep.

Halloween Haikus

Halloween Haikus

Written by Millie Jenny C.

Black orange dark motifs
Scamper and slink across walls
Witchy woman’s here.
Skipping down the street
Devils, angels hand in hand
Halloween magic.

Dart around corners.
Pumpkins and ghosts big and small
And a “BOO” to you!
©Copyright 2010
Millie Jenny C.
all rights reserved



pencil sketch of 1800s plantation

Written by Ken Carman

What we now celebrate as Halloween. 1856.

“Darling, are you alright?”

“Yes, Ma’am, just a monster under my bed.”

“Do you want Robert to check? He’d do anything for ‘Lil’ Miss.'”

“No need to bother him. I know the monster will fly away when you leave. He’s scared of the light from your candle.”

“OK, Darling.”

Her mother left: gently closing the door. Everything was silent for a while, except the whippoorwill out in the weeping willow, and the buzz of the cicadas under the bright southern moon that hung over the plantation. Then the monster, blacker than a moonless midnight, crept out from under her bed.

“Your fine now, Gordon, she’s gone.”

The little girl gently felt, with her soft satin white fingers, the whip scars splattered all over his back. Some old and deep, some so fresh the blood still seeped from the slowly healing wounds.

“Those must have really hurt.”

“Yes, Lil’ Miss, ans I’s fraid I’s might’nt live thru nother.”

“I’m afraid you’re right, Gordon. Daddy’s been at it again. When Daddy has too much he gets mean and goes out to the quarters and whips who he finds first. Some of the ones he was meanest to he made slaves bury next to your quarters just so you all will behave. Better leave now. Daddy’s still drinking. He’ll be visiting me soon. At least you will be gone. You know the way up north. Besides…”

She sniffled softly.

“I don’t want you to hear me cry after Daddy leaves. He always hurts me, but he would kill you. Please leave. Godspeed.”

“Thank you, Lil’ Miss.”

And with that the man blacker than the blackest southern night, silently slipped out the window from where he had been hiding when they released the dogs who hunted escaped slaves.

Lil’ Miss waited and shivered in fear in the dark.

She knew the true monsters were not under her bed.
©Copyright 2010
Ken Carman
all rights reserved