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Inspection- The Passion of the Bill

Pen in hand, as if it were a weapon using logic for bullets, he would listen patiently during the debate. When making a point he might wiggle his nose or make his eyebrows dance and, almost always, smile. The pad of paper he rested on his knee was always there for him to mark down comments he wanted to make.

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God Bless

Jesus Dave. Im sorry about your house and everything else thats happening to you and Arron.
I have been diagnosed with a form of MS, and am becoming a human pin cushion lately.
Ive been reading everyone elses comments lately and appears were all in for a shit year.
Well, God bless everyone here, no matter what form you think he takes. We all need the prayers of each other right now.
Right now, If I thought dying would take away the pain, I wouldn’t hesitate, but then I would be greedy to those who stand by me.
Sometimes I think that list is getting shorter. No one wants to hear it after awhile.

How to Drive NYC-ites Crazy

Part my my early youth was misspent close to New York City. My family, from the Adirondacks, was there because my father was offered a job on Park Avenue during the depression. Getting NYC-ites to notice is tough, especially as they walk to or from different destinations in Manhattan. This guy manges to get their attention in Grand Central Station. I know that’s tough because as I wandered the streets as a just barely teen it was close to my father’s office… so I knew it well. So let’s pause… to give a hats off to the gentleman who orchestrated this…

The Tattlesnake — What They Say in Private Edition

Glenn Beck: “Hand, you are my only friend, the only one who always agrees with me and loves me without question. Hand, I will always stick with, and to, you forever.”

Wolf Blitzer: “Somebody adjust my pole NOW! Adjust the pole NOW!”

Tom Brokaw: “Shay, where doesh Russert keep hish got-damned vodka hidden?”

George W. Bush: “How can they say I’m not popular- just look at this crowd of smilin’ people applaudin’ me. Okay, what time do we leave the Rose Garden and go make that speech at the Heritage Foundation?”

Poppy Bush: “It’s a hell of a way to show your oldest boy you disapprove of him, I say”all this chumming up to Bill Clinton and endorsing John McCain and so forth” but it must be done and when something hard must be done, I’m just the gent to do it.”

Hillary Clinton: “This poll says that most voters think I’m too bossy, calculating and harsh. You people better find a way to make me look authentic and soften my image or you’re all fired!”

Larry Craig: “It’s always ‘use a condom, Larry, use a condom, Larry’ with guys like you” like I do this all the time in men’s rooms or something.”

John Gibson: “Gee, I wish we had a War on Christmas all year long.”

Mike Huckabee: “Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle built for two” where the hell is the goddamned Christian base hiding?”

John Kerry: “I’m going to help Barack fight for every vote” just like I did in 2004!”

Rush Limbaugh: “You boys take your clothes off while I put some of this special sugar in the Kool-Aid. Yeah, heh, heh, ‘sugar’.”

Chris Matthews: “You gotta nice smile, kid, you gotta gorgeous face, what are you 16, 17 years old? You gotta big future — you’ll do good in the TV business. HAH! Here, turn around so I can get a good look at your backside…the twenty bucks is on the dresser.”

John McCain: “Did I have an affair with that lobbyist in 2000? Wow, what a sex machine I was eight years ago!”

Barack Obama: “Don’t forget: Cleavon Little DID clean up that town.”

Keith Olbermann: “One more Britney Spears story and I’m buying the sniper rifle.”

Bill O’Reilly: “You know, the blacks they have this new thing they call the blues, or maybe the rhythm and blues – I think I’ll try it out but, if it isn’t up to my standards, it may be time to fetch the rope.”

Dan Rather: “Crap, next I’ll be doing the jewelry report on the Home Shopping Channel.”

Tim Russert: “Who’s got my vodka? Who the hell’s got my got-damned VODKA?!”

Brian Williams: “Bring me my eyebrow grease, pronto!”

Inspection- The Patriot with an Upside Down Flag for a Backward Country

Marks teenage son got threats at high school.One of the larger hicks in town confronted him and said, Hey, I dont like your flag. Thats pretty fucked up. And a group quickly surrounded him, but fortunately a teacher broke it up, Mark says. A while later, when his son was walking down the sidewalk, another student pulled his truck onto the sidewalk and, according to Mark, said, One of these days were going to burn your house down.

Every one knows the story of the Hitler youth. Challenge the Nazis and it went from bricks thrown through your window and escalated from there. I was reminded of that when four youths jumped out of their truck a few years ago; across from our anti-electronic vote scam protest, and started jeering, pounding baseball bats into their open hands and increasingly acted more and more threatening. The leader of our small group; Bernie Ellis, went over and spoke with them and… after a while… they jumped into their truck and drove off.

Bernie said they thought we were protesting the conflict over in Iraq. Members of the group proclaimed that that proved that just talking with such “gentle” souls was all that’s ever needed.

I wished, at the time, that I could have joined this feel good bravado but, frankly, I think it more likely they were too stupid to understand the nuances of electronic voting, and that it… amazingly… almost always favors their candidates. If they had figured out that, and understood that the same people who enjoy manipulating elections often are working for candidates they support… there probably would have been more than a few bloody heads.

Besides, aren’t we missing the point? If we were protesting our policy in Iraq, what the hell gives them the right to harass… maybe even beat to death… those who don’t agree with them? Isn’t it pretty obvious that, by their very actions and behavior, that such people don’t believe in free speech, or the very country they claim to love so much?

Just like those threatening Mark Karol-Chik and his family. If he wants to fly his flag upside down: it’s his flag. But those who do such things are the real “haters of freedom.” Some claim it’s because they “fought for the flag.” If so, then they should have bought a flag, “planted” it in their room, locked the door and then used whatever weapons they may have to keep anyone from damaging their flag. Don’t ever come out again: you’re an embarrassment to those who actually fought for our country not a symbol made from cloth… or even plastic. Oh, and I would also recommend you buy a plastic flag: because it’s the perfect match to the quality of your type of “patriotism.”

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