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The Tattlesnake — Media Mania: When Do We Draw the Line on This Nonsense? Edition

The latest overwrought BM (Big Media) guilt-by-association crapola has to do with Father Michael Pfleger making fun of Hillary as a guest speaker at Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. Predictably, Obama has had to apologize for this but why? Pfleger is a Catholic priest and Trinity UCC is Protestant, and Pfleger was just making a guest appearance in Obama’s church. What’s more, Obama wasn’t consulted about, nor was he there for, Pfleger’s You Tube star turn. Why should he have to apologize for anything Pfleger said? What’s next, will the BM, or Clinton’s campaign, demand he apologize for any errant thing that any member of his UCC congregation might say? (Pfleger, incidentally, apologized for his comments today.)

Say, whatever happened to free speech in this country and that you and only you are responsible for what you say?

When does this GBA madness stop, or when does the media start grilling McCain on some of his unsavory pals from the past, such as Charlie Keating, and his current crop of sleazy buddies, such as lobbyist Rick Davis, his campaign manager?

A little background on Pfleger: Years ago Mad Monk Mike Pfleger made the Chicago papers with his ‘brilliant’ proposal for an anti-drug law that prevented local shops from selling pipes and cigarette papers. Yeah, if those potheads and crack addicts don’t have pipes or papers, they won’t be able to figure out how to make a pipe out of a toilet paper roll and tin foil, or just go to the suburbs and buy what they need. Pfleger’s a flaky publicity hound and it’s a mystery why Trinity ever invited him to give a guest sermon.

The biggest BS moment this week on BM TV was Ann Lewis, a Clinton supporter and DLC Dem, babbling with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC over Gerri Ferraro’s recent piece of dingbattery in the Boston Globe. Gerri’s back on her broken hobbyhorse, this time claiming that white women are afraid to criticize Obama because someone might call them a racist Earth to Gerri: it doesn’t seem to have slowed down your candidate — or yourself. It doesn’t seem to have stopped Andrea Mitchell, either. While Lewis tried to put a good face on Gerri’s half-mad ravings, she took the time to condemn Obama’s campaign for sexist remarks about Hillary, without specifying what she was talking about. Then she deposited the cherry on top by claiming Pfleger’s ridicule of Hillary was sexist. (I saw the video; he wasn’t making fun of her sex, just her campaign style.) Follow this pretzel logic: It’s wrong to call a white woman a racist for criticizing Obama, but if an Obama supporter criticizes Hillary, they’re automatically a sexist. Ann, are you now or have you ever been a Republican?

One note about Scotty McClellan: This former POTUS potty press air freshener is still flacking for Bush, even while he tries to purge his withered soul of years of publicly spewing horsepucky for every putrid top player in the Little King’s Confederacy of Dunces. I caught him last night on Olbermann and he was ludicrously pumping the fairytale that Bush planned to be a ‘uniter’ who ached to be a good president and went awry once in power, no doubt thanks to that Major League A-hole Cheney. This is sheer bunkum: Scotty has known the Bush Boy since Texas and Junior hasn’t changed since then he lazily and ignorantly ran the Lone Star state exactly the way he’s run the US government give away the store to his rich cronies, take long vacations, and let the peasants crawl for the crumbs. Speaking of which, it’s deeply hilarious to hear neocon nutbags like Bill O’Reilly condemn Scotty for gasp! authoring books for money! What, do Billo, Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity pen their fiction for free?

A Question: How long until MSNBC sells ‘news analyst’ and caucasian embarrassment Pat Buchanan’s contract to Fox News? Nixon’s former speechwriter and Southern Strategy cheerleader has increasingly been falling off the right-wing edge; he’s now barely hanging on by a thread of sanity, and it’s only a matter of time before the braying old Dixie-whistler drops the ‘N-word’ on Obama or some other dark-skinned candidate and is forced by management to take some time off from NBC to stand in the corner and knit another Confederate flag for the den.

The Tattlesnake Charles Foster McCain Edition

The Cynicism and Contempt of John McCain
Or, Get Your Hot-Buttered Popcorn It’s Film References Time!

“It is dangerous for a democracy when a presidential candidate can lie with impunity, change positions on a whim, and physically and verbally threaten others and virtually none of it is reported by a besotted media eagerly awaiting the next moment when he might slap their backs in friendship.”
— Cliff Schecter, author of “The Real McCain: Why Conservatives Don’t Trust Him And Why Independents Shouldn’t,” as quoted by Robert Greenwald at

While our corporate Stay-Prest Media obsess over every detail of the Dem Party High Noon confrontation between Sen. Serial Mom (‘Annie Oakley Meets Rocky and the Amazon Woman on the Moon,’ as directed by David Lynch) and ‘The Golden Child’ (‘Native Son Goes to Washington,’ as written by Clifford Odets and starring Sidney Poitier as both Langston Hughes and ‘Mr. Tibbs’), they’ve mostly been ignoring the flip, flop and flee of the sometime rustic-ranch resident of Sedona, Arizona, the former Hellcat of the Navy lurking under the fading Republican brand, ‘John McCain Goes to War’ (as directed by Sam Fuller-Brush-Man).

Weve seen this movie before; it was shown to the bored passengers of Kentucky Fried Airlines on flights to Political Tedium in 1980, 1988, 1996, and even, improbably, 2000 and 2004. While, according to the Big Media Handbook, a Democrat can never be a War Hero, even though he may have piloted a bomber over Europe in WWII, as George McGovern did; or saved a soldier’s life under fire, as John Kerry did; it’s ridiculously easy for any Republican to claim the status.

Although Navy Carrier Pilot Poppy Bush and the 10th Mountain Division’s Bob Dole could legitimately honk up their time in service, Army Lt. Ronald Reagan made venereal disease warnings for the military and fought The Good War from the satin-sheeted trenches of Hollywood; Air Force Lt. Junior Bush committed the ignoble offense of posing for pictures in uniform wearing medals he hadn’t earned and then ditched out entirely on his last two years of weekend-warrior physicals and stateside Champaign Squadron duty, a stunt that would have quickly deposited a poor man’s son on the flight line at an airfield near Saigon or a SAC base in Witch’s Tit, Alaska. Yet they were both, at one time or another, dubbed ‘War Heroes’ by the National Corporate Media.

John McCain can trumpet his combat time in the Navy with some validity, although the third reel of this picture shows Sen. Rambo unheroically, if understandably, breaking under North Vietnamese torture and singing his guts out, as he admitted on CBS’ “60 Minutes” nearly a decade ago. But never fear, Republicans — Democrats will not be mocking him by hopping around on jocular Ruptured Duck crutches, nor wearing ‘Traitor John’ arm slings or yellow songbirds on their shoulders at their Denver convention this year that sort of stomach-turning street theater is strictly reserved for the degenerate Swift Boat ignorati of the GOP Fleet Enema.

Keeping with Orson Welles’ protagonist in his 1941 masterpiece “Citizen Kane,” the Arizona senator tries to portray himself as a stalwart Man of the People, a plain-spoken Maverick Reformer you can safely imbibe a Blue Collar beer with, a Harry S Truman in Republican armor out to slay the dragons of official corruption, political partisanship and perverse moral concupiscence in Washington, while carefully disguising his elite Admiral’s-boy, Annapolis-grad past; his second wife’s wealth that purchased his political career; and his cynical behind-the-scenes manipulations on behalf of campaign contributors from Charles Keating to Paxson Communications. Only recently has the Big Media noticed that he has a flock of well-paid lobbyists on his staff and the Punditrocracy apparently naively believe, as stated by political flack-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos on his This Week program May 25, that they have now all been dismissed. The truth is, if McCain fired all of the lobbyists and ex-lobbyists on his campaign staff, he wouldn’t have any campaign staff left. It seems it will fall to the eventual Democratic candidate to point out that from McCain campaign chief Rick Davis on down, the Republican candidate’s advisors are the sort of slick-suited marketers who will gladly advertise the ‘good side’ of tyrannical and genocidal regimes, or without reservation brush up the public image of businesses that peddle toxic poisons or tainted foodstuffs to the peasantry, if the price is right. They are direct ideological descendants of Edward Bernays, figuratively sticking shiny new dimes in the palms of monsters for distribution to the public, hoping to distract the happy recipients from noticing he is getting innocent people killed in an endless war for cost-plus profit or cruelly evicting families from their homes.

It’s illustrative of the true McCain personality to closely investigate several recent blips on his Maverick Reformer War Hero radar:

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Inspection- In Memoriam

Parades, flags waving, honor the soldiers: their conflicts and the war dead…

The day before Memorial Day my green Nissan 98 was on Connecticut 190. Rural scenery breezed by when; while going around a corner, I heard a screech. My brake? My foot? Oh… was that me? Are those two cop cars blocking my way? Wondering what tragedy had befallen some quaint eastern CT town; I attempted to cut around the mess… and finally succeeded. I did notice while skirting the village that the only rational way through it had been blocked for a parade.

Deep in my mind something bothered me. I wasn’t sure just what, yet.

On Memorial Day I went to a cemetery to write a song while waiting for a movie. I often practice and write in cemeteries. No one bothers me and the dead are good listeners. When your main job in life is entertaining the very young, good listeners mean a lot. You might be surprised, but I have found that adults are often far worse listeners than children.

In the cemetery that morning I finally realized what was bothering me: Memorial Day.

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Bob Barr, Spoiler

Bob Barr has accepted the nomination for the Libertarian party. I'm pretty sure he represents the saner wing of the party, the one that defends individual liberty and the free market, and not the Peikoff branch who thinks we have the right to invade "uncivilized" nations who have not had the fortune to read Atlas Shrugged.

And there goes a good 5%-10% of McCain's base. McCain is not a libertarian by any stretch of the imagination, and a party desperately seeking legitimization is going to vote Barr. So who's left to vote for McCain?

Stupid people


Burned Hillary supporters


Shit, even the fascists aren't going to go for McCain, and he can kiss the right wing Christian vote bye bye as long as Hagee, Parsley and Dobson tell them to stay home.

Oh, sweet November is almost here.


The Tattlesnake The Great White Wail of the Wide Deceiver Edition

This Week in Rovian Rubbish, Especially on the Don Siegelman Case

“According to the most recent surveys, President Bush’s current second-term debacle exceeds any other White House calamity in modern times. Yet the man who made it all possible, the ‘brains’ behind the president who has become ‘radioactive’ inside his own party, is toasted in the press as a political wise man.”
— Eric Boehlert, “If Congress Slaps Rove with Contempt, How Will His Bosses at Fox and Newsweek Deal with It?” Media Matters, May 22, 2008.

“Rove is a proven liar who cannot be trusted to tell the truth even when he is under oath, unless and until he is directly threatened with the prospect of prison time.”
— Joe Conason,, March, 2007.

Karl Rove doesn’t look good these days; although he still exudes a smugly smiling aura of the polite ‘good’ little boy who knows he’ll never get caught for stealing that bicycle, he’s added weight and an unhealthy pastiness to his moon face, and his porcine blue eyes dart nervously from side to side as if seeking cover when the questions hit too close to home.

Those who have followed Rove’s fetid bottom-feeder career in politics, from his youthful College Republican days as a Nixon dirty trickster to his shoehorning the affably inept George W. Bush into the Texas governor’s mansion and the White House on 3″ X 5″ index cards of tested talking points and a willingness to hit lower below the belt and lie more continuously than most previous political handlers, know that no fly’s wing is safe near this man and, seeing him strut his stuff on ABC’s This Week Sunday morning, that even in supposed retirement from party politics, he is still in the business of regurgitating king-sized crapola for the GOP with the worst of them.

I reached for something to throw at the TV as he discussed Barack Obama’s supposed lack of any kind of record in the US Senate and his alleged failure to ‘reach across the aisle’ to Republicans to get things done. Either Rove is as ignorant as the body that hosted his political brain, or he’s lying through his teeth, and my bet’s on the latter. Here’s what someone more honest and objective had to say concerning Obama’s record:

“Obama has been accused of being all flash, and of not having done much in the Senate. His record in the three and a half years he has been there suggests someone serious about the job: he worked on a nuclear nonproliferation bill that passed and backed a number of policy changes to help veterans, including more medical care for those with post-traumatic stress disorder, assistance for homeless veterans, and the extension of tax credits for military families. He pushed through the Senate a major bill on ethics reform; and introduced legislation in January 2007 to stop, or if that failed, limit funds for the surge. He also worked with the conservative Republican Tom Coburn in a successful effort to get Congress to impose transparency on government expenditures so that anyone can look them up. The criticism that he hasn’t done more also overlooks the fact that during his first two years in the Senate, he was ninety-ninth in seniority and in the minority party.”
— Elizabeth Drew, “Molehill Politics,” The New York Review of Books, March 30, 2008.

No wonder Karl thinks Obama has done nothing all of the things he’s accomplished are what Rove despises ethics, government transparency, nuclear nonproliferation, increased help for veterans and their families.

Then Rove did a little riff praising Hillary Clinton’s experience and one has to wonder with a double-dealing sleazebag like Karl if he wants Hillary to stay in the race or actually wants Democrats to hate Hillary since he’s praising her. (Sadly, she recently accepted Rove’s New Math to pump up her chances at the Dem nomination. This is the same math that said Republicans would retain the majority in Congress in 2006. Oops.)

But the stench of the sewer really overflowed the pipe when George Stephanopoulos asked Karl about the Don Siegelman matter. Here’s a transcript, with your Tattlesnake’s remarks interspersed:

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