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Mark Sanford: Republican Super A-Hole

Cartoon Sanford Super GOP AHole

AP Newsbreak: SC Governor ‘Crossed Lines’ with Women
Tamara Lush & Evan Berland, AP, June 30, 2009.

Criminal Probe Darkens Sanford’s Political Prospects
Patrick Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, June 30, 2009.

Sanford Admits to More Contact with Mistress
Chris Cillizza, The Fix, Washington Post, June 30, 2009.

GOP’s Coleman Concedes, Sending Franken to Senate
Brain Bakst, AP, June 30, 2009.

Manna in the Desert

Herd About It?

by Ana Grarian

I’ve been reading an article in Harper’s magazine (June 2009) about feeding the almost 1 billion starving people of the world (Let Them Eat Cash by Frederick Kaufman). I was struck by one paragraph “..almost none of the food riots had emerged from a lack of food. There was plenty of food. The riots had been generated by a lack of money to buy food, and therein lay what may have distinguished today’s hunger from the hunger of years past.”

The world produces enough food to feed the world twice over. Read more

Cynthia Davis Deserves a Break Today!

Cartoon McDonalds and Davis

“Davis lives in St. Charles County, one of the wealthiest districts in Missouri. If she doesnt see hunger and poverty where she lives, in her mind it doesnt exist.”
— ChattahBox, “Republican Missouri Rep. Derides Gov. Spending to Feed Hungry Children: They can Get Free Food at Church or Get a Job!” June 22, 2009.

“Davis is correct, hunger can be a motivator. One hopes it ‘motivates’ folks to replace her next election, those that hunger for better leadership in Missouri.”
Comment by garyro on June 23rd, 2009 8:39 am at

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Ye Olde Scribe’s Spy Fly on the Wall Update

Although kept secret, Scribe’s spy fly on the wall recorded the results of an investigation…

“Wait, ‘assistant’ means you ‘assist.’ Why don’t you have his clothes off yet?”

“I… just… couldn’t…”

“Big fan?”

“No, I just found him CREEPY.”
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