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Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Another interesting essay from The Vice Blog.

Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Everyone hates the kind of people, the kind of snobs, that drink wine and then feel the need to spend hours and hours pontificating about it. Its why I created this blog I was sick of how the everyman vocation of beer drinking had become overtaken by pretentious little tipplers. It must have reached a breaking point for me when I was reading one such beer blog. The author noted in a review that hed actually drank a beer in his living room while watching TV as opposed to how he usually sampled a brew by shutting himself in a dimly lit study alone, with no outside noises or distractions, and then quietly and contemplatively enjoying the drink. He was downright ashamed and apologetic that he had actually drank a beer in a comfortable environment, lounging on his sofa with his feet kicked up while watching the game.

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Florida Competition and More

Central Florida Home Brewers invite you to: November12-14, 2009


The19th Sunshine Challenge is the premier home brewingcompetition and home brewers’ convention in the eastern United States.For more details, visit the CFHBwebsite and make arrangements to attend.

Florida Craft Beer Festival

(Friday,Nov. 13th 7:00-11:00 PM)
Enjoy THE BEST BEER BREWED in Florida…meet the Florida Brewers Guild members and brewers. Also, meetBob Hansen ofBriessthis year’s Guest of Honor.Food will be served from 7:30 – 9:00pm only and is included intheticket price.

Saturday Seminar
Saturday,Nov. 14th, 8:45-11:00 AM
Enjoy a Continental Breakfast and variety ofBeerswhile listening toBob Hansen of Briess. $8.50

Pub Crawl
Saturday,Nov. 14th 2:00-6:00 PM
This has been a favorite of out of town participants, a chance to visit some of Orlando’s pubs. This is one pub crawl you don’t want to miss!

Saturday NightAwards Dinner
Saturday,Nov. 14th7:00-11:00 PM
This fantastic evening features aplate dinner, including beersponsored by Florida Micro Beverage Distributor.

No tickets sold at the door. If you prefer to pay by check instead of PayPal, or if you have any questions contact us at email:

The News Pauper: On Shifting the Goal Posts

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper greets the reader with felicitations!

Never has any such bounty been bestowed on an undeserving subject by a more venerable sovereign. As a commentator on the issues of the times, the times again and again come to the aid of the hero of the story. Dig, if you will, the Grand Old Party has removed itself from the committee investigating George Bushs torture. They stated that they had no idea that a committee to determine if an investigation was merited might lead to an investigation!

The NP is no big city lawyer, but I can see and identify an attempt to undermine an issue from many fronts at once.

The corporate righties are all about dropping out right now. Anybody out there catch the story that Exelon has left the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the climate change issue? Is it the beginning of the polarization of corporations vs. citizens? Anybody out there notice that in Pittsburgh the security forces whipped out the battle tested LRAD, the sonic cannon? How long before XE whores itself against irate Americans in the interests of these breakaways? How long before someone forms a band and calls it “The Machine Gun Social”?

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