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Pet Prose: Sensitivity

Editor’s Note: The Pet Pro has over 20 years professional experience in dog training and pet care, as well as in caring for sick animals.

By The Pet Pro

I once had a client who had a debilitating chronic illness that had eluded diagnosis for years. She experienced fatigue and muscle weakness, terrible joint pain, skin rashes and breakouts, stomach upset, headaches, dizziness the list goes on. She came from a wealthy family who lived nearby, and had a very involved mother who continually jumped in to help ferrying her to one specialist after another, and stepping in to take over running her life at a moment’s notice.

Suggested but unconfirmed diagnoses included chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus and Crohn’s disease, among others. Over the few years that I knew her, her dog, and then her cat, developed chronic illnesses as well also mysterious and difficult to diagnose. She began looking into environmental toxins, allergies, and nutritional deficiencies for an explanation. As I got to know her better, I learned that she was involved in a relationship with a controlling and verbally abusive man and, as I watched her interaction with her mother, it seemed to me that her relationship with her family had left her feeling helpless, dependent and infantile feelings that were perpetuated by her romantic partnership.

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NYC Gets Theirs


by Ana Grarian

NYC has managed to bring a major gas drilling company to its knees. Chesapeake Energy won’t drill for natural gas in the NYC watershed.

In case that has you taking a big breath of relief – hold it a minute. That’s the New York CITY watershed. The rest of us NY bumpkins (who live over and around most of the Marcellus shale), are not so fortunate. But hey – if fracking is dangerous to the NYC watershed – isn’t it dangerous to ours? And doesn’t our water flow out of our region into others? Or am I just showing quaint, country folk lore reasoning here

If I was caught dumping dangerous chemicals like toluene onto my neighbors lawn I’d be put in jail. If I was caught near our town wells I would probably be jailed under Homeland Security provisions. But somehow if a big company wants to pump them for miles UNDER my community, it’s progress?

No way, no how! My little corner of the earth is still for the most part a Garden of Eden and I think we know what part the Gas Drilling Co. representative is playing. Hisssssss!

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