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Pecking at U Md or Whose Chicken Now?

by Ana Grarian

The University of Maryland has been ordered to produce a list of plaintiffs their students have represented over the past two years or lose a quarter of a million dollars in state funding.

What? Law students practicing law? How did that happen? Who did they upset?

Hint. Cluck Cluck Cluck
Hint. Environmental Lawsuit
Hint. Clean Water Act Enforcement
Hint. Sounds like – a University in Indiana Read more

Charges and Countercharges: Did Bush Knowingly Mislead the U.S. Into War With Iraq?

Written by David Corn for Politics Daily

Peter Wehner, a Politics Daily colleague, was quite gracious to accept my challenge to defend his old boss, George W. Bush — that is, to partially accept it.

Regular readers of this column might recall that in a March 17 article, I insisted that the evidence is quite clear that Bush and his crew misled the American public into the Iraq war. I noted that in the months prior to the March 2003 invasion they had “waged a willful campaign of misrepresentation and hyperbole” about the supposed WMD threat posed by Iraq. It wasn’t merely a matter of Bush, Dick Cheney and the others repeating in good faith intelligence that later proved to be wrong. They incessantly made provocative (and false) assertions overstating the lousy intelligence, and, on other occasions, they simply made stuff up. I offered a sampling of eight false statements that characterized this endeavor. (The Center for Public Integrity has put together a list of 532 false Bush administration statements about Iraq’s WMD capability.) And I dared Wehner, who worked in the W. White House, Karl Rove, Bush’s uber-strategist, and Ross Douthat, a New York Times columnist — each of whom had recently dismissed the notion that Bush had misguided the nation — to provide a line-by-line response. Wehner was the sole member of this Bush-backing trio willing to give it a shot. But he has only managed to put up half a fight.

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The Ultimatum

The young mother drops by
A tear in her eye
Asks for advice that I might give her

If I tell her of things I would try
The burdend be mine and Id not wonder why.
Though some of that I might be willing to do,
If my wife would think the same way too.

I hear that the man thats been with her two years
Is pretty much fed up, said she now in tears.
“Your mother or me.” said he.
The line in the sand, the slap of the glove, the challenge given.
Now I do know what I would have told him.
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The Truth About Acorn and O’Keefe?

What the Transcripts Show About the Doctored ACORN Video Tapes

(We believe this analysis is from Acorn itself. Of course they have every right to defend themselves, to be heard and release such an analysis and, considering the nature of O’Keefe himself and those attacking Acorn we find this at least as valid as attacks by those with an absolute interest in destroying Acorn no matter what may, or may not have been done. Two notes: while Acorn has reacted to correct perceived problems, until O’Keefe was caught obviously trespassing and attempting to deceive elected officials, all we heard from that side was support and little criticism. And also note: if one url doesn’t work it’s possible another “big government” url will. It looks like a few were mistyped.- editor)

The following is an analysis of the heavily edited videotapes and partial transcripts posted on big by OKeefe and Giles based on their undercover visits to ACORN and ACORN Housing offices. Below the analysis, an Appendix provides key excerpts from the posted transcripts.

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