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Good News: Scientology Expands!

— from WhoWhatWhy
(Posted by Ken Carman for LTS readers. From
Written by Russ Baker

Here’s something extraordinary: a big expansion by the controversial Church of Scientology, barely covered by the hometown LA Times.
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Announcement: Great News for Our Readers

LTsaloon will continue to be published.

Hear the cheers!

See the parade of celebration!

Site issues have been resolved to the point we can continue. There may be some changes here as we continue to publish, though getting the wheels rolling up to full speed again will take a few days, so please be patient.

We assure: it will be worth the wait.

-The Staff at LTS

Wisconsin and Beyond: Not Your Father’s Culture War

Posted by Ken Carman for LTS readers.

Written by Bill Berkowitz

Everything the Heritage Foundation has been seeking, thinking about, researching, promoting, marketing, writing about and fundraising for – from destroying unions to putting the kybosh on public education – is now on the table it may not leap out at you, but what’s going on in Wisconsin and several other states is a fusion of Koch-ist free-market fundamentalism, Tea Party swagger, and the Religious Right’s traditional values agenda; think the Heritage Foundation’s full-blown project coming home to roost.

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Consider the State of Life

…consider the state of life in this country today, it is bound to appear to reasonable people ……that in some way a great commonwealth has gone wrong.
There are those among us who defend and rejoice in this miscarriage , saying we are more prosperous. They tell us – and we are ready to believe – that collectively we are possessed of enormous wealth and that this in itself is compensation for whatever has been lost. But when we, as individuals, set out to find and enjoy this wealth, it becomes elusive and its goods escape us. We then reflect, no matter how great it may be collectively, if individually we do not profit by it, we have lost by the exchange. This becomes more apparent with the realization that, as its benefits elude us, the labor and pains of its acquisition multiply.
To be caught unwittingly in this unhappy condition is calamitous; but to make obeisance before it, after learning how barren is its rule, is to be eunuched.


From: “The Hind Tit” 1930 Andrew Nelson Lytle Read more

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