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Inspection- Commercialized Death

by Ken Carman

This is about one of those, “What the hell is wrong with humanity?” moments.

The other night I was up at 3am watching TV, only because I need a new home computer. Usually I’m on the net, editing, reading, exploring.

I go through spats: waking up at some ungodly hour; needing to do anything other than try to go back to sleep for an hour or two. You see if you stay in bed when this happens it just lasts longer. I’m told it’s not uncommon for older people to go through this.

I wish to hell I had slept through an ad they played over and over again in the wee AM hours.

Ad starts: flaming, smoking towers. Voiceover: serious, mournful: all about how horrible that day was. Then start with the George W. clips. Voiceover cheerily brags about how we, essentially, “took it to them.” Of course no corpses of the innocent, broken families, or fleeing citizens dare apply for a single mention. No talk of how the Taliban promised to give up bin Laden… how we let him escape at Tora Bora, or how we might have been able to skip 99.9% of the whole death and destruction part of this horrific gig… or how this was all used as an excuse to make more widows, motherless and fatherless children, in Iraq. Iraq: a country that didn’t have a damn thing to do with 9/11.

The truth just gets in the way when you’re trying to make money off of death and the misery of others, I suppose.
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How America Handles Tragedy and Injustice

Written by Dylan Brody

We have today an exclusive interview with Convicted murderer Troy Davis, scheduled for execution this afternoon. Mr. Davis, thanks for being with us.

I’m happy to be with you. You know, for now.

Of course. So, listen, I know you’re scheduled to die later on today, I can imagine you have a lot on your mind and I would love to just let you talk, but I am feeling a little bit pressed for time.


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Passing Gas


by Ana Grarian

This morning I was sitting in my recliner watching last night’s Rachel Maddow Show over ROKU’s News Channel, while drinking my coffee. I wasn’t really paying attention. Rachel was talking about Rand Paul and his objections to government regulations when the following excerpt was posted on screen.

“determine whether mandatory inspections of aging pipelines….

should be expanded to include lines in rural areas.”

Wait, what? Back up feed to replay that part, pause on image. EXPANDED to include lines in rural areas? What the heck! Do you mean they are not currently doing safety inspections of rural pipelines? Where do they think the wells are located?

The explosion of a 30-inch steel pipeline section leveled 15 acres of homes in the San Francisco suburb of San Bruno, California and killed four people.

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