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Problem As I See It: vol 100

Business of Business

And yet, aren’t corporations, created, run, and financed by people?

Haven’t they always been?

And don’t we as people have moral and ethical responsibilities to each other, and to creation?

If I as an individual poison my neighbor, or employee, that is a crime.

The blind eye that the legal system turns toward corporate malfeasance creates a space where successful businesses are those run by socio-paths.

A More Realistic Bush Museum:

The highlights of the new George W. Bush Library and Abattoir of History are many. The building itself is shaped like a giant hand with a middle finger thrusting out, obviously pointing towards the heavens, where the former president found the strength to deal with the many crises of his two terms in office. The statues out front of drunken sisters Barbara and Jenna Bush welcome you inside because, indeed, what is life but a party?

– The first space is the “How-the-Fuck-Did-This-Guy-Become-President” Room, and it deals with Bush’s early years. Exhibits include the megaphone Bush used as a school cheerleader, a pile of cocaine and bottle and bottles of tequila, and, of course, a wrecked car or two. You’ll learn about how Bush succeeded in destroying nearly every business he ever came near, except for the Texas Rangers, which didn’t require him to play an active role. You’ll gaze in wonder, perhaps nodding and thinking, “How the fuck did this guy become president? Sure, maybe governor of Texas because, well, fuck, it’s Texas. But the whole goddamn country? Twice?” Then you see the final glass case: stacks of cash from the Bush family’s overseas accounts.

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Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria: Big Ag Washes Its Hands of Any Responsibility



We can be pretty certain that in the coming days we will hear this message over and over again “So what if most of the meat on our supermarket shelves is contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria? If you handle and cook your meat properly then a few bacteria shouldn’t be a problem; and if you get sick with an untreatable disease then it’s your own fault.’

The is the kind of contemptible retort we can expect from the intensive meat industry lobby and its many trolls in response to new research by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which reveals high levels of life-threatening antibiotic-resistant bacteria on raw supermarket meat. Yet the “cook it properly and everything will be ok” spin is just Big Ag’s latest attempt to absolve itself of any responsibility for squandering one of the most important medical innovations of our time- and putting American lives at risk.

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