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Ye Olde Scribe’s TV PSA Plea




Fade into pitiful pictures of puppies, dogs and cats at the pound before taking the “long” walk. Sarah McLachlan sings with extra drippy, tear encouraging, violins backing her up.

Voiceover Goon attempting to force you to tears says: It’s the end of a life of fun, frolicking. A long walk to that all too serious, final, frightening destination: the death of comedy. Soon to be almost as unfunny as Dennis Miller. Almost. Could ANYTHING be less funny than Dennis Miller: comedy killer, except maybe Lush Dimbulb?

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An Airway Created with a 3D Printer Saved This Baby’s Life


UMHealthSystem / YouTube

If you think 3D printing’s overhyped with all this talk of plastic guns and strange, spider-like houses, you clearly haven’t seen this: a tiny airway splint created using a 3D printer that saved a three-month-old’s life.

Doctors at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan (coincidentally, where my son was born not 10 months ago) paired their medical know-how with the latest 3D printing technology to generate a custom, synthetic bio-part that ultimately saved a child who’d lost the ability to breathe on his own.

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Just a Pleasant Morning

Blue Banded Bee Photo by Mark Berkery

HERD ABOUT IT? by ana grarian

There are two bees buzzing outside my window screen. (Not the fuzzy little cutie you see here. Doesn’t he look like a kitten crashed on a sofa after a long day of play?) I am not sure why, as there are no flowers or flowering trees in the vicinity. Perhaps they were drawn by the compost bin. Even my suet feeder is no longer in the tree. Some persistent squirrel must have managed to keep it spinning long enough to unscrew the body from the ring hangar. Earlier the Blue Jay was on the neighbors roof, cocking his head as if to say, where’s my breakfast?he air is quite pleasant right now. 63 degrees and not too humid – yet. The weatherman is promising 90 and has extended this heat wave for a couple of extra days since yesterday. Last weekend it was in the 60’s. Bright sunny days with a swift breeze. Great weather for getting things done. Not so much recently.  Read more

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