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Inspection- Time Flies

by Ken Carman

 First floor, 1961: Ms. Kramer’s first grade class, I stared out the window. Not my best year, class-wise, I wanted to be anywhere but there. The passing of time made a snail’s pace warp factor 10: way beyond light speed.
  Ms. Krammer sent me to the office where I got a stern lecture on paying attention. But passing from the lower grade first floor, to middle grade second floor, all the way to the third floor: Mr. Bob’s 6th grade class: the temptation to stare out the window to pass time was hard to resist. By then the snail’s pace seemed, perhaps, warp factor 6 to the drag of time.
  By the time I hit high school I had passed the now sluggish snail, closing in on warp factor 1. A lot had happened; I had moved to my fav place in the universe: the Central Adirondacks, after I lost part of my foot to a lawnmower, after my mother died of cancer, after I had come close to dying stuck in -20 weather across a lake in the dark… a lake I couldn’t cross due to thin ice and my first adult love on the lake I came to call home yanked the heart out of my chest and gleefully put it into an emotional meat grinder. It was not the last time: but the first time is so damn hard to forget.
  Does it surprise you at all, dear reader, that after that I hated dating? I don’t know what I would have done if I had never met Millie almost 40 years ago.
  Has it really been almost 40 years?
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Can’t Touch This – apt.

Don't think of living here

They ought to post this on the way into town

Some folks in this CNY town are confused when older folks refer to the ‘Manhattanization’ of our fair city.

“What are you talking about this is a lovely little town in rural NY”

Once you’ve said that it shows you have already been blinded by the image of NYC, LA or another mega city. So maybe you don’t see that the miles of big box stores, multi-lane highways, traffic jams

“This isn’t a traffic jam – why in (insert name here) you’d sit in traffic for hours each end of the day – and forget about holidays!”

as I was saying – maybe you can’t see that the industrialization of our landscape has changed the personality of this town from a small town to a NYC mini-clone, but it does have a nickname of the ‘Little Apple’ by folks who think that is a good thing.

So here is another example.
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Tea Party Politician on Obama: “Assassinate the f*&^%en n&^%$er and his monkey children”

Be aware: heavy profanity in the the quote. But this NEEDS to be pointed out…OEN

Tea Party candidate and Libertarian Jules Manson just called for the assassination of President Obama and his children on Facebook, but I’m sure it was just a ‘misspeak’ (wink wink).

In an unnerving display of racism and violence today, this Ron Paul supporting libertarian, who ran for a seat on the City of Carson’s City council last march, and thankfully failed, wrote:


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7 Countries That Still Kill “Witches”

7 Countries That Still Kill


You know how the long-ago witch hunts were stupid and hateful? What a relief those days are over.

Except they’re not. In many countries, people are still killed on suspicion of witchcraft. United Nations experts cautioned in 2009 that murders of women and children accused of sorcery were on the rise. Following are just a few of many examples from around the world.

1. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s religious police department has an official Anti-Witchcraft Unit that it dispatches to catch sorcerers and break their spells. In 2007, the Saudis executed an accused sorcerer. A woman awaiting the death penalty for alleged witchcraft died in prison.

Like the New England witch hunters of yore, those in Saudi Arabia use magic as a convenient excuse to silence inconvenient people. Accusations of sorcery have been leveled against foreign women working as domestics for Saudi families who charge their employers with sexual assault, according to Saudi Arabia expert Christoph Wilcke.

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