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Quotes of the Day


Americans are truly funny people. Where else do you find folks who insist on getting rid of
virtually every government inspector or regulator in the name of “smaller government”
… and then scream bloody murder because all of a sudden people are getting sick or being
injured because “they”… which I assume means the government… either let it happen or
aren’t doing enough about it?

First we scream because the government is there and then we scream because “somebody” wasn’t there.
Did it ever occur to anyone that the ones ultimately responsible for these situations just might be the ones
making all the money from the conditions that help bring them about?
Tom B

Democrats have allowed the bullies to have their way for decades.

I like having more meat inspectors and bridge inspectors.
I like having fresh paint on the highway when it’s raining.
I like knowing chemical plants (outside of Tejas) get inspected now and then.
I like knowing there’s a place for a woman and her kids to go if her Republican husband beats her.
I like knowing the coroner’s office is fully-staffed and not running a backlog.
(It would be nice if wounded soldiers didn’t have to wait months for treatment.)
I like knowing a cop will actually show if if I call them.
They say in Detroit, cops only come in an emergency and even then, it takes an hour.

Republicans want fewer regulations because they want to be free to fleece the unsuspecting.
Democrats don’t have the stones to tell the GOP it knock it the f***-off.

Bart (with a sight edit -kwc)

Tell the Kids to Go Away if You Read This Outloud

Rude Pundit is not known for holding back, especially when it comes to profanity. But his point is often important…

Hey GOP, STFU on the Filibuster

You reap what you have sown, mo****s. And now you get at least a year of eating s**t
on judges and executive branch appointees. Why? Because you were such unbelievable dickh**ds
for the last three years and the government can’t function when a minority of one house of one
branch can stall everything. Frankly, this should have been done all the way in January 2009,
with no exception for bills and Supreme Court justices, and then we’d have real heath care
reform, Gitmo closed, and more.

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And scroll down to: In Brief: Oh, Shut the… 11/21 post.

Remember Quality Journalism?

Watching the ABC TV news program on Tuesday November 26, 2013, it seemed like it was time to do yet another column about how Journalism is doing the Cheshire Cat disappearing act in the USA. Their lead story was about the fact that a new snowstorm was snarling Thanksgiving Day traffic on the East Coast. We just couldn’t picture Edward R. Murrow picking that weather item as being the lead story of the day.

Recently we have heard ads on KCBS, the all news all the time AM radio station in San Francisco, featuring the voices of some of their reporters. We couldn’t imagine Murrow endorsing the idea of a journalist doing a commercial. Isn’t that called “crossing the craft”?

ABC followed with a brief item about using birth control pills as a basis for yet another way to give the United States Supreme Court a second chance to veto the Obamacare legislation.

Where were the compassionate Christian conservatives when some Native Americans wanted a legal basis for declaring their use of peyote was a religious right? Did any news organization do a sidebar story about the peyote dispute?

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The Right’s Misconstrued Constitution

antoninscalia-headshotThe five right-wingers on the U.S. Supreme Court may soon recognize the “religious freedom” of corporations so that these artificial constructs can then dictate to female human citizens restrictions on the kinds of contraceptives that they can get through their work-place health insurance plans.

That may sound crazy but some court watchers believe that the Right-Wing Five will follow the logic of their “corporations-are-people” theories to this next nutty conclusion. After all, if corporations have First Amendment rights of “free speech” when they are financing political propaganda to influence the outcome of U.S. elections, there is a consistency – albeit a bizarre one – to extending to corporations the First Amendment’s “religious freedom.”

Already unlimited corporate money in campaigns has drowned out regular human citizens in terms of who (or what) has the bigger say in the outcome of elections, so why shouldn’t the religious choices of corporations override the personal and moral judgments of people who work for the corporations?

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Inspection- How Many Turkeys Must Die to Before We’re Actually Thankful?

         Turkey’s unite! You have nothing to lose but your heads!”

by Ken Carman

  To be clear, I am no vegetarian, though I have respect for those who forgo eating creatures bred to be really stupid, pumped up to be bigger than they would be. I’m sure conditions are sometimes problematic. And… does any of that have anything to do with being “thankful?”
 Sort of, historically.
  I do think the gathering of family can be a wonderful and grand event… sometimes. Sometimes we do it because we have to and the real thankfulness comes when they leave. Sometimes the result is the opposite. I wouldn’t be surprised if murder rates among family members rise a tick T-day. Use, or misuse, of Stand Your Ground on Thanksgiving Day between members of the family who disagree could have devastating results.
 Our broken families certainly have something to do with our inability to resolve our problems regarding gun violence. As we argue more guns, or more regulations, family members are dying, folks.
  But, more than anything else, for some reason Thanksgiving has turned into a gorge fest where billions of artificially pumped up turkeys grace our tables, potatoes so tormented they are now mush… wonderful mush… so so wondrous mush… and a goo that supposedly has cranberries in it: somewhere. Sometimes I wonder if they have huge factories where they can this gunk. Factories populated with old men guilty of the sin of over eating a diet filled with just cranberries. When their normally impacted… bogged down… colons finally give up the gelled waste they can it and ship off to the stores. It a sin-biotic relationship.
  What the hell is in that stuff anyway?
  And how did Thanksgiving turned into… this? Read more

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