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A Long Story Short

Written by Mart Allen

martallenjpg-b71d96103834e49b_small Random thoughts on dogs

If you want to experience true love get a dog. No other living entity is capable of showing the loyalty, love and affection for humans that dogs do. And all they ask in return is board and room. Their capacity for devotion is unprecedented as a general rule in the animal kingdom. Unfortunately their owners do not always reciprocate with the same enthusiasm.

I am ashamed to admit I am one of those that are guilty of that sin, only arriving at that conclusion too late to do anything about past companions. Sure I took care of their every physical need but was too busy with my own pursuits to reward them with the same dedication they extended to me. The older I have become the more aware I am that it’s a universal fault that many people, men in particular share. The key word is, busy.
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10 Degrees and All is Well

squirrell sretch feederI have been here just a little over a year now and find myself in a familiar position – typing on the computer while watching the squirrels ravage my bird feeders. They are not particularly happy with me as I moved the easily spilled one, and replaced it with a tube feeder that they have to work at. Of course down on the ground is a smorgasbord from where they tipped the old feeder over yesterday.
The weather forecast on my phone says it will start to snow in 10 minutes, but the snow has been sifting down for a couple of hours now.It is really fine snow, falling straight down with nary a trace of wind. We are not expected to get more than a few inches, unlike the coastal areas which are expecting up to two feet. Walking home from the garage is the only bodily exercise I have had since Saturday when I cut, hauled and split firewood. Except for the mental stimulation of reading, and though the temperature was around 7 then, the walk  home from the garage was pleasant, just uphill enough to keep me warm. Read more

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