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Fed up with Flurries

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One of the reasons this place is good for me is that I can walk to town. My garage is at the foot of my hill. My church and the bus station (ill served by the bus system) are just a few blocks down from that. And the diner and ice cream stand are just a bit further. So it was not a big deal to take my car to be serviced this morning and walk home.

Except for the weather report. Rain mixed with snow -all day long.

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Suckling at the Teat of Racism

As a kid growing up in a rural NYS town just outside of NYC, my classroom, school, church and neighborhood were pretty much a sea of white faces. At the time it seemed that Catholics and Jewish folk were about as exotic as we got. Yet I can remember to this day my father telling the story of being accosted because he helped a black woman.

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Because Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz killed himself when he purposefully drove a plane carrying 149 other people into a mountain in the Alps, there has been an assumption that he suffered from “depression”—an assumption strengthened by the discovery of antidepressants in his home and reports that he had been treated in psychiatry and neurology clinics. Many patients and other interested parties are rightly concerned that Lubitz’s murderous behavior will further stigmatize the mentally ill.

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A New Era of Televangelists

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Instead, Republican candidates have managed to merge corporations-are-people politics with a personal-relationship-with-Jesus platform. Where Christ hates all the right people, Ayn Rand is the Virgin Mother and the Apostles are all CEOs. If you just send these sermonizers cash they can fight the holy war against the meek: undocumented immigrants, gays, poor people, American-Muslims, atheists, wage-earners, drug addicts and the others out of the fold. It’s a revival of revisionism.

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