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Inspection- Tough Talk about Guns

by Ken Carman

  As a gun owner, but not always in tune with some defenders of gun rights, after another theater shooting I braced myself for the obvious. And the obvious happened.
  Same old, same old talking points.
  We will never shoot our way, or psychiatric care, our way out of these things. Obviously regulating as much as some want is like closing the barn door centuries after the barn door was not only left open, but torn off the hinges and burned. But all limitations and regulations aren’t necessarily ill-advised, and if you can’t admit that, as I shall soon show, you’re being intellectually dishonest. Unless you’re ready to push for prisoners having loaded submachine guns, eight-year-olds having hidden, loaded, 357s in their classrooms.
 I expect little will change in our gun debates, but I do think we can change our attitudes, that’s for damn sure. Read more

CAFO Sewers Are Not the Answer

The historical public health benefit of moving human excreta away from people, and so curbing cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and other diseases caused by pathogens that live in our guts and travel in water, is unassailable. But we have swapped these enteric diseases for others with slower mechanisms of physiological dysfunction, such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Today, with the most “advanced” wastewater treatment afforded by industrialized nations, all of the receiving bodies of water—lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans—are affected by nutrient and chemical pollution from sewage outfall. The “best available technology” in wastewater treatment plants has not changed much since the early 20th century, but the inputs have: hundreds of thousands of chemicals—like nanomaterials, perflouorinated compounds (PFCs), pharmaceuticals, brominated flame retardants, perchlorate, and pesticides.

The real food crisis is of overproduction:


There is no global or regional shortage of food. There never has been and nor is there ever likely to be.India has a superabundance of food. South America is swamped in food. The US, Australia, New Zealand and Europe are swamped in food (e.g. Billen et al 2011). In Britain, like in many wealthy countries, nearly half of all row crop food production now goes to biofuels, which at bottom are an attempt to dispose of surplus agricultural products. China isn’t quite swamped but it still exports food (see Fig 1.); and it grows 30% of the world’s cotton. No foodpocalypse there either.


From a fantastic website I just discovered today. Read the entire article HERE:, and explore a plethora of scientific reporting and analysis from an independent, expert, public interest perspective.

Winchester Unveils New 9MM Stray Bullet Guaranteed To Hit Innocent Bystanders

NEW HAVEN, CT—Touting the product’s ability to veer dramatically from the barrel of a handgun with impeccable precision, Winchester Repeating Arms officials unveiled a new 9mm stray bullet Monday that the company vows will hit innocent bystanders. “We are proud to bring our customers the first bullet with a truly off-course trajectory…”

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Should Individual Police Officers Have to Pay for Breaking the Law?

While this story is from overseas, it raises important questions.-OEN

Should Individual Police Officers Have to Pay for Breaking the Law?

George Wilson was an ordinary teenager walking home from a nightclub in Liverpool in the UK one winter night, when he happened to notice a homeless man on the street nearby. He approached and handed the man a £1 coin.

But no sooner than he did that, a policeman appeared and claimed that Mr Wilson and the homeless man were engaging in a drug deal.

One officer arrested Wilson and another dealt with the homeless man.

What happened next was completely inadvertent on the part of the officer, yet it would prove crucial for what followed; he confiscated the teen’s phone but accidentally set it to record, ensuring that the entire conversation was recorded.

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