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Thank You, Donald?

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Trump, himself, is of course a disaster of epic proportions, a canary in a coal mine that long ago collapsed in upon itself, the best evidence to date of the total demise of Western civilization. And yet…

And yet – and who would ever, ever have thought this? – the Donald is also the source of a ridiculous amount of truth-telling by the standards of American politics. Put that all together and you get the aforementioned twofer. Not only is Trump absolutely torturing the hapless Jebby to utter distraction (and, hey, are there greater joys than watching that?), but he is also taking down the whole goddam clan while he is at it.

And the best part of all is how clueless the Bushes are to everything happening to them, and how their lifetimes of imperious arrogance have rendered them completely incapable of seeing all this coming, despite the fact that it is the creation of none other than themselves.

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Inspection- Teaching to the Over Reaction

by Ken Carman

 Amazing how some videos speed across the country at warp speed.
 A few thoughts on the in school officer, Deputy Ben Fields, and his actions in the classroom. Let it be typed up front that some sources claim she was punching the officer. I saw none of that.
 Not knowing his history, and especially not having seen what led up to this, or heard the rather bad audio, I was with the officer at first while watching. I was a sub for quite a while and there’s not much you can do when someone becomes a extreme distraction in the classroom. So when he put the hold on her, OK, keeping someone from reacting is important. The bring down to the floor may have been necessary, though the violence used… maybe not. Hard to know without knowing what happened before, or being there. But I lost it when he literally picked her up and threw her quite a few feet. Read more

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