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Inspection- The Abortion Police

by Ken Carman

 In the mid 60s I lived near NYC. I can still remember the weekly news reports: at least one dead women found, mostly in Central Park: botched abortion. The daily blood drenched, coffin filled, Nam news kind of marginalized the impact of the coat hanger, back alley, abortion news.
 Let’s be clear, while “coat hanger” abortions did happen, I’m sure 99.9% of these were done, not with coat hangers, or in “back alleys,” but in unsanitary, ill-equipped, rooms by people who far too often had less than adequate knowledge about how to safely do an abortion, or an interest in safety.
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Zika’s Spread Across The U.S. May Change The Narrative Around Abortion

By now, most Americans are familiar with the Zika virus, the mosquito-spread disease that’s left thousands of babies with shrunken skulls in Latin America. Pictures of screaming infants with tiny heads and fearful women sleeping under mosquito nets have attracted sympathy across social media platforms and concern from members of Congress — but the epidemic remains a distant, foreign battle for many living in the United States.

In many of the Latin American countries where Zika is rapidly spreading, reproductive health care remains out of reach for women at risk of infection. Brazil actually criminalizes women for seeking an abortion due to the fetal brain damage, microcephaly, paired with Zika. For infected women already living in poverty, this leaves them with a tragically unaffordable illness to tend to.


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Muslim anti-Isis march not covered by mainstream media outlets, say organisers


Organizers of an anti-Isis march in London have spoken of their frustration after mainstream media outlets failed to cover the demonstration.

Thousands of people took part in the annual UK Arbaeen Procession, coordinated by the Husaini Islamic Trust UK, on Sunday.

Although Shia Muslims take part in the march each year to mark the Arbaeen, or mourning, anniversary of Imam Husain - a seventh-century leader who fought for social justice - this year organisers decided to use the event as a platform to denounce terrorism following the recent Isis attacks in Paris, Beirut and elsewhere.

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Inspection- Easter, 2016

by Ken Carman

 Easter arrived this morning with the usual flair: Easter eggs, bunnies, Easter lilies, sermons about resurrection, parents and their sometimes squirming children sitting through pageantry… all to the tune of events that happened about two thousand years ago.
 Meanwhile, here in the South, lawns, leaves, redbud are all born again, to the tune of birds and the munching of does in our small, 28 acre, valley we named Emerald Dawn when we moved here from Joelton, Tennessee, in 1980. Read more

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