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Sting of Myself: Amateurish Spies Like James O’Keefe III Attempt to Sway the 2016 Campaign

James O'Keefe III takes part in a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. (photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images)


s Dana Geraghty recalls it, March 16th was a “rather quiet Wednesday.” That afternoon, she was in her cubicle at the Open Society Foundations, on West Fifty-seventh Street, where she helps oversee the nonprofit group’s pro-democracy programs in Eurasia. The Foundations are the philanthropic creation of George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire, who is a prominent donor to liberal causes, including Hillary Clinton’s Presidential bid. Soros, who has spent nineteen million dollars on the 2016 Presidential campaign, is regarded with suspicion by many conservatives. National Review has suggested that he may be fomenting protests against Donald Trump by secretly funding what it called a “rent-a-mob.” Geraghty, who is twenty-eight, had programmed her office phone to forward messages from unfamiliar callers to her e-mail inbox. She was about to review several messages when she noticed that one of them was extraordinarily long. “Who leaves a seven-minute voice mail?” Geraghty asked herself. She clicked on it.

“Hey, Dana,” a voice began. The caller sounded to her like an older American male. “My name is, uh, Victor Kesh. I’m a Hungarian-American who represents a, uh, foundation . . . that would like to get involved with you and aid what you do in fighting for, um, European values.” He asked Geraghty for the name of someone he could talk to “about supporting you guys and coördinating with you on some of your efforts.” Requesting a callback, he left a phone number with a 914 area code—Westchester County.

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Advice for Divided Democrats

We here at OEN recommend you vote you conscience, but Mr. Reich’s point should be heard– OEN
Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich. (photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star)ith the Democratic primaries grinding to a bitter end, I have suggestions for both Clinton and Sanders supporters that neither will like.

First, my advice to Clinton supporters: Don’t try to drum Bernie Sanders out of the race before Hillary Clinton officially gets the nomination (if she in fact does get it).

Some of you say Bernie should bow out because he has no chance of getting the nomination, and his continuing candidacy is harming Hillary Clinton’s chances. Read more

It’s been 8 months and Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ still sucks

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah (Screenshot)Just a few months after Trevor Noah took over the “Daily Show,” it didn’t take long to see what was wrong with Noah’s interpretation of the show. I took down the fact that Noah can’t seem to master the fine art of slapstick, physical comedy, clever silliness in addition to refusing to hold Fox News accountable for what Stewart called “their bullsh*t.”

“Comedic timing should feel as natural as slipping down a slide,” I criticized. “Right now his jokes are plopping down the stairs like a piece of pizza being dragged by a rat.”

Each morning while you’re hopefully still asleep, I go through all of the shows and search for something funny to bring you. This is my job before I dive into the news of the day. Raw readers tend to appreciate former correspondents Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee and sometimes Larry Wilmore when he gets fired up. Noah simply falls flat. I can try to frame one of his segments in the best possible light, but it doesn’t matter. Y’all don’t click.

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Wyoming GOP Law Criminalizes Collecting Evidence Of Pollution On Public Land


A law passed by Wyoming Republicans officially makes it illegal for citizens to collect evidence of pollution on public land that could lead to a government investigation of environmental destruction.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead signed Senate Bill 12 into law in March making it a criminal offense to “collect resource data,” such as photographs of polluted waterways and land that is private, public, or federal outside of city limits. Violators of the law could face a $5,000 fine and/or prison time.

According to ThinkProgress,

Under the law “collect” means to “take a sample of material, acquire, gather, photograph or otherwise preserve information in any form from open land which is submitted, or intended to be submitted to any agency of the state, or federal government.”

The laws says that only citizens who are given express permission to collect such evidence can actually do so, which quite frankly makes it easier for public and private employees to cover up environmental wrongdoing. For example, if a cattle rancher allows his herd to graze too close to public waterways on public land and the cattle cause an E. coli outbreak in the water that could poison people, citizens who collect evidence of this to report to government agencies would be subject to prosecution. In short, the law is an effort to silence and censor whisteblowers and environmental activists from proving that landowners are illegally polluting public lands.

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