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United States News Trump Spkeswoman: President Obama, NOT President Bush, Initially Invaded Afganistan

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Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said on Saturday the US’ military effort in Afghanistan “was Obama’s war.”

The war in Afghanistan began in 2001, following the attacks of September 11, more than seven years before Barack Obama became president.

The Afghanistan fight, initiated during the presidency of George W. Bush, stands as the longest running war in the history of the country.

Pierson’s comment came during an exchange with CNN’s Victor Blackwell, when she was asked to explain the Republican nominee’s recent assertion that President Obama is the “founder of ISIS.”

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My Wishes for Obama’s Parting Shots

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President-elect Donald Trump is accusing President Obama of putting up “roadblocks” to a smooth transition.

In reality, I think President Obama has been too cooperative with Trump.

In the waning days of his administration, I’d recommend Obama take the following last stands:

1. Name Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President power to fill any vacancy during the recess of the Senate. The Supreme Court is no exception: Justice William Brennan began his Court tenure with a recess appointment in 1956. Any appointments made this way expire at the end of the next Senate session. So if Obama appointed Garland on January 3, the appointment would last until December 2017, the end of the first session of the 115th Congress.


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Kentucky Senate Passes GOP Bill Allowing Discrimination Against Interracial Couples

A bill moving forward in the Kentucky Senate would give private businesses and public institutions the right to discriminate against basically anyone they want to as long as they hide behind their Bibles when they do it.

In other words, interracial couples, Muslims, atheists, and gay people can be denied services by businesses and the government for religious reasons even though federal law explicitly forbids discrimination. While the bill does not expressly mention these groups, it is so broad that it might as well.

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