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Ye Olde Scribe Presents: HELP! Line


“I don’t know Scribe. I’m dead. Don’t know what I’m doing here. But he thought I’d be able to reintroduce a comedy pundit who used to post here. While we all wait for the press of the end of the world button by who YOS refers to as the the present ‘Presidential Orange Turd’, maybe he’ll make you laugh with a, ‘NUKE… NUKE… NUKE?'”

Ye Olde has been absent for far too long. Here’s a brief start to a new round of satire, parody and Scribe


“Washington Suicide Line.”

“I need help.”

“We’re the suicide line.”

“I’m can’t deal with someone anymore, but I have to. He insults everyone.” Read more

Inspection- An Open Letter to the Republican Party

 A suggestion: post a link to this, or send it, to your Republican friends.

by Ken Carman

Inspection Before I start let me explain I’m not just another pundit seeking your total demise, or pretending to “care” about your party, give you fake “good” advice. In fact I tend to find that offensive when pundits like Limbaugh and Maddow attempt to do it. Why should the left or the right accept anything like that without at least some healthy skepticism?
 They shouldn’t. And I would be disappointed if you responded that way to my suggestions.
 What are my credentials? Read more

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