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Kavanaugh Claims He Never Committed Sexual Assault As It Will Be Defined After Future Supreme Court Case

WASHINGTON—Speaking before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Brett Kavanaugh defended himself against accusations of misconduct Thursday with claims that he never committed sexual assault as it will come to be defined in a future Supreme Court case. “The allegations that I assaulted these women are categorically untrue based on the 2019 case of Sandberg v. Jones…

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There’s No “Food Revolution” in the US Prisons

Pardon the interruption, but let’s talk food. There’s fine-dining restaurants, fast food joints, nouveau fast-food joints, pop-ups, food trucks, farmer’s markets. There is much made of the farm-to-table pipeline, and gluten-free alternatives. Some are calling it a foodie revolution. Where once a few culinary luminaries like Julia Child, Martin Yan, Jacques Pepin, dominated the kitchens of public television, these days the Food Network and others fill the airwaves with programming ranging from “Chopped,” “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” “The Next Food Network Star,” and “Worst Cooks in America,” to “Top Chef,” “Iron Chef America,” and “America’s Test Kitchen.” Dozens of previously unknown and unheralded chefs from around the country are now household names.

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Inspection- How Wonderful He Thinks He Is

 ”Why should we care how wonderful he thinks he is?”

  These are words from a column I wrote many years ago about Rush Limbaugh. I could have written it recently about Trump. Maybe he picked up this cheesy tactic from Rush? Maybe not: “blowhard” has applied ever since I first became aware of him in the 80s or 70s.
Inspection Who knows the exact year: I intend to ignore blowhards. I grew up with at least a few in the Carman family, and my mother’s family. Ignoring them as a kid faced with an arrogant adult who clearly has no high horse on which to parade around on while tossing insults and unwise nuggets they think “wisdom” was probably wise. Not one of them, however, were as bad as Rush or Trump. Well, maybe my Aunt Blanche. When my father told us she died he also said, “No one cried.”
 For some inane reason politically immature kiddies love this kind of ego bloated blather: supposed ‘adults’ who treat politics like it’s all about your team who is always beyond amazing. The other team? …always ‘baaaaaaaaddddd.’ These are the kind of people who think a valid debating point is calling someone a “libtard,” making up a story about a non-existent basement in a pizza parlor to promote libel and slander is perfectly acceptable behavior. Whatever serves the cause. Read more

The Peculiar Origins of Donald Trump’s Brain

can’t even take this man seriously…he is as transparent as fly-wire.
What exacerbates his outlandish pronouncements is the fact that he has a sub-par intelligence…
and so we wind up in a situation where we have a moron, who is trying with all his might to hoodwink us…

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