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Inspection- Taking a Turner for the Worse

The bad news is I have had to write using this theme many times. The worse news is I am sure I will use it again. For those unfamiliar; The Turner Diaries were basically Timothy McVeigh’s bible. The set up for what was once were mostly just dangerous fictional musings regarding a revolution; led by those who made Hitler look kind, seem to be becoming all too real.Inspection
 Skipping to the end of Turner tells you all you need to know about the goals of the revolutionaries: once they have won their very right wing revolution the infirm, those considered “diseased,” every black, Hispanic, non-white, non-fundamentalist Christian and their ‘damaged’ children are lined up and hanged, shot, butchered to make the country pure ‘again.’ The means of winning is small revolutionary cells that break into tiny cells of one or two that bomb, commit murder by any means, and terrorize. Sometimes it’s like the current pipe bombs used (Suspect: Cesar Jr.), sometimes it’s destroying infrastructure, creating division by any means; but always the intent is to clear the path for the new order, to conquer, to rule the nation. And while the movement is expressly White Nationalist, like all extreme fascists I have no doubt it would go way beyond the book and seek world domination. Read more

Jimmy Carter to Brian Kemp: Resign as Secretary of State

ormer President Jimmy Carter weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Georgia gubernatorial race, calling for Republican nominee Brian Kemp — who oversees elections as Georgia’s secretary of state — to resign from his position. “I have officially observed scores of doubtful elections in many countries, and one of the key requirements for a fair and trusted process is that there be non-biased supervision of the electoral process,” Carter wrote in a note obtained by the Associated Press.

Georgia’s governor race has drawn headlines throughout the heated midterm cycle for widespread accusations of voter suppression against Kemp. The Republican is running against Democrat Stacey Abrams, the first female African-American gubernatorial nominee in U.S. history.

Kemp recently suspended over 53,000 voter applications, 70 percent of which were reportedly filed by black residents, for violating Georgia’s “exact match” verification standard. He also allegedly purged an estimated 107,000 voters last year for not voting in the prior election. The politician is facing multiple lawsuits — including one for leaving over 6 million Georgia voting records vulnerable to hacking, and another following reports that an abnormally high number of absentee ballots were rejected in the state’s most racially diverse county, Gwinnett.


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Trump Strips Citizenship from Children of Immigrants, Thus Disqualifying Himself from Presidency

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Donald J. Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order stripping the children of immigrant mothers of their citizenship, thus disqualifying himself from being President of the United States.

The constitutional crisis came to light moments after the signing ceremony, when a fourth grader visiting the Oval Office on a school tour pointed out the far-reaching legal ramifications of the order.

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Spies Eavesdropping on Trump Complain He Is Speaking in Indecipherable Language

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Russian and Chinese spies who have been eavesdropping on Donald J. Trump’s unsecured iPhone calls complained on Thursday that he has foiled their efforts by speaking in a language that is infuriatingly indecipherable.

According to the spies, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, what they had hoped would be a treasure trove of valuable intercepts has amounted to little more than unintelligible gibberish.

“Trump has been communicating in an impenetrable code entirely of his own creation,” a Chinese spy said. “These phone calls might as well be triple-encrypted.”


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