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Inspection- Helping Others with Their Otherwise Idiotic Talking Point (“Playing the Race Card”)

by Ken Carman

 I used to be a member of a great debate site called Volconvo where ad hominems and other illegitimate debating tactics could get you kicked off the site. Unfortunately the site Inspectionbecame burdensome to the owner (I’m guessing financially) and was placed on Reddit along with many former independent sites. Now it’s really not much of a debate site at all.
 I wish we could Volconvo-ize America.
 Like Volconvo, what passes for debate these days is also really no debate at all. It’s called “framing:” an overly kind euphemism for “bullying,” “name calling” and ad hominem.”
 But I repeat myself.
 Repeat myself.
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Founders Brewing: An Ugly Episode. A Paradigm Shift. And Hearing The Same Old Shit.

OKAY…The Pour Fool is changing a basic paradigm and doing it…right now.

I’ve stated before, on Facebook and Twitter, that a major brewery from the Midwest had become a part of the Seattle market and the more I tasted their beers, the more I was bummed that the lofty rep was built on beers that I found uniformly “Meh”. I did, of course, not name names, because I have NEVER used names in complaining about ANY brewery, in the almost 11 year history of The Pour Fool. I never even wrote anything mildly critical about any specific brewery, winery, or distillery. And I could have.

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Bill Taylor’s Testimony Removes Any Last Plausible Line of Defense for Trump

Trump clearly perverted US official diplomacy in pursuit of his own private interests. It is hard to think of a more shocking misuse of presidential power


n Tuesday, Donald Trump dismissed the impeachment inquiry into his conduct towards Ukraine as a “lynching”. This proved, unsurprisingly, that the president doesn’t know much about history – for a start, victims of lynching couldn’t look forward to a trial heavily stacked in their favor, which is probably what awaits Trump in the Senate. It also showed that there is no depth to which Trump will not stoop in an attempt to distract attention from his wrongdoing.

It was no surprise that Trump wanted to create a distraction on the day that the impeachment inquiry heard its most explosive testimony yet. But we shouldn’t let him. Stunning new details were provided by Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, who the state department tried to block from testifying before Congress. He went anyway, and what he said provided the most direct evidence yet that Trump ordered military assistance to Ukraine to be withheld until Kyiv agreed to take action that would benefit the president’s re-election campaign.


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