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Trump extends travel ban to 6 countries — but is OK with selling arms to those same places

The Trump administration announced Friday that it is adding six new countries to the existing travel ban, joining the seven already on the list. The ban means that citizens living in these nations cannot get visas to travel to the United States without getting a special waiver, dramatically reducing the number of people from these countries visiting the United States. The administration’s rationale for the ban is that conditions in those countries, especially the level of terrorism, raised the risk of allowing their citizens into the U.S. to an unacceptable level.

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Doomsday Looms, but First this Word From Our Friends at Pfizer

Well now, ain’t this a bitch? Most anyone with half a brain has known that something really bad was going to happen once Donald Trump plunked his fat ass in the Oval Office. War, maybe? Another Republican-engineered economic collapse? The escalation of the war against the environment? The acceleration of bigotry and hatred against a variety of people, from Muslims to Mexicans? Or less dramatically, a grinding winnowing of our rights. All these and other bad things have been unfolding, of course, but now we’ve really got a shit storm brewing. It’s the Cornonavirus, and it’s a field day for fear lovers.

And we’re all fear lovers these days. It’s the Donald Trump Fear Show, and it’s televised daily. But, like so much we see on television, the producers are always trying to up the viewership with dramatic new plot twists. Even though they’ve got a captive audience, they think they can improve on their ratings. Trump, master of junk TV that he is, has been jumping the shark since before he took office. And what a smorgasbord of cheap thrills he’s laid before us, from pussy grabbing to love letters from a North Korean thug, from his Saudi friends butchering journalists to his redrawing of maps with a Magic Marker. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

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5 Ways William Barr Is Turning America Into a Dictatorship

Written by Robert Reich

William Barr was installed as Attorney General specifically to turn the Department of Justice into an arm of the Trump Coverup. And we’ve seen him do exactly that. Barr has corrupted and politicized the Department of Justice, working hand in hand with Donald Trump to bend federal law enforcement to the president’s will. Here are some of the ways Barr is helping Trump turn our democracy into a dictatorship:

1. He intervened in the sentencing of Roger Stone, Trump’s longtime confidant and advisor, who faced a prison sentence for obstructing Congress and witness tampering in connection with the Russia investigation. The day prosecutors announced they were seeking seven to nine years for Stone’s sentencing, Trump called the sentence “a horrible aberration,” and said that the prosecutors “ought to be ashamed of themselves” and were “an insult to our country.” A mere 24 hours later, after Trump’s public tantrum, the Department of Justice announced it would change its sentencing recommendation for Stone [CUT TO NEWS CLIP]. Showing more backbone than Barr, four career prosecutors then withdrew from the case, and one resigned. Read more

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