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Inspection- The Republican Goalpost Run Heading Towards 1 Party Rule and Ken’s Impossible, Fantasy, 2nd Trump Term


By Ken Carman

 I have been writing for quite a while now that I believe the extreme right wing Republican’s goal has been 1 party rule, with at best a 2 party façade. Especially as they increasingly steered their ship towards the ends justifies the means politics. Garland v. Barrett may be one of the most perfect examples of what I am referring to here.
 Meanwhile the right frames any attempt to increase the number of justices as “packing the Court.” Actually it would be UNPACKING. After refusing to even bring a nomination up for debate or discussion for almost a whole year because “the voters should decide,” then ramming another through at the last moment refusing the “let the voters decide” as they insisted the first time. Not “almost a year.” In the last moments before an election. To claim correcting that act as “packing” is, at best, laughable. Read more

Video: Trump Supporters Tried to Run Biden Bus ‘Off the Road’

Multiple videos posted to social media on Saturday morning apparently show Trump supporters in trucks and cars harassing a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign bus in Texas, causing the campaign to cancel a planned event in Central Texas.

A Biden campaign spokesperson told Forbes that the Trump supporters “attempted to slow the bus down and run it off the road.” And one local Democratic Party leader, Katie Naranjo, tweeted photos and said Trump supporters “followed the Biden bus throughout central Texas” and “ran into a person’s car, yelling curse words and threats.”

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Far-Right “Boogaloo” Gunman Arrested for Shooting Minneapolis Police Precinct

Federal prosecutors have arrested a self-described leader of the far-right “boogaloo” movement in connection with the burning of a Minneapolis police precinct in May. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota says 26-year-old Ivan Harrison Hunter fired 13 rounds from a semiautomatic assault rifle into the 3rd Precinct during protests against the police killing of George Floyd. The “boogaloo bois” promote violent acts aimed at sparking civil war in the United States. They’ve been linked to more than two dozen arrests and five deaths this year.



Inspection- Night of the Mentally Dead

One ‘anonymous’ poll watcher. Courtesy

As Halloween approaches on a frightful gale. Dear Readers I offer up a scary, spooky, tongue in cheek-ish tale.



By Ken Carman

 Halloween Eve 2020; like a blight, with much fear and anticipation, Barr approved right wing terrorists arrive early that night at upcoming poll stations. We know what they’re up to, right? Armed militia-types paid and prepared to kill or fight. Some say to stop voters not voting the politically correct, Trumpian, way.
 HEY! Do you think our anti-anti-anti-heroes will save their deity? Stay tuned Gabby and Gus! This story will be-eity the death of us!
 Mean-wal-er, what we didn’t notice was these “poll watchers” had a ‘haler’ of an odd, pale, pallor. COVID III and IV have been adding an extra spooky boo to these Proud Boys, militia goys and Boogaloos. Read more

Tennessee poll worker fired after turning away voters in Black Lives Matter shirts, masks

MEMPHIS — A Shelby County, Tennessee, poll worker was fired Friday after election officials learned that he had turned away voters who were wearing masks and T-shirts that said Black Lives Matter.

“What he did was patently wrong and he was fired,” said Suzanne Thompson, spokeswoman for the Shelby County Election Commission.

State law prohibits people from wearing items with the name of a political party or candidate currently on the ballot while in a polling place, but statements like “Black Lives Matter” or “I Can’t Breathe” are not violations of that law.

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