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Georgia Closes Black Polling Stations

Sound about right for a state governed by vote right’s thief Kemp-OEN

Barbara Arnwine was livid about this fluorescent violation of both Georgia and Federal voting rights law, a subject she teaches at Columbia University.

“All the polling sites they cut were in Black and Brown neighborhoods,” said Arnwine, Founder of the Transformative Justice Coalition, who relocated to Atlanta for the US Senate run-offs. She expressed concern that Georgia leads the nation in new, sophisticated Jim Crow vote manipulation tactics.

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Inspection- 2020 Leaves with a BOOM

    Second Avenue Nashville: before.       Second Avenue Nashville: after.

By Ken Carman

 We have 3 homes: one in Nashville, and the other two are in the Adirondacks where my family hails from since the late 1800’s. Earlier than that if you count a family history of Adirondack guides.
Inspection Currently we are in Nashville. The leaves near our Adirondack homes left a long time ago in their usual brilliant blaze of colors. The leaves here drop slower, casually, and the last left a few weeks ago. Then a good portion of something very Nashville left on the 25th. The day we celebrate the birth of Jesus something died; sad and unfortunately too fitting for the year 2020.
 We woke up late Christmas Day and I made breakfast. I am the chef in the family. We had agreed long ago to just buy a mutual gift, sometime after Christmas. So, instead, I had set up a family Zoom meeting for Millie’s side of the family. But first breakfast. You think the breakfast was just for us? HA! Of course there was the presence of our ever present pet vultures: Payson the collie, Hodge Podge and Willow the sister cats, hovered around both of us. Hodge tends to hover around Millie. She knows if she tries to swat me: demanding food, I swat back.
Zoom time came faster than we thought it would. Mid call Zoom dropped out faster than a heavy boulder heaved over the local Shelby Street Bridge. Then the internet and all phone service disappeared. Read more

Erik Prince Now Owes the President a Favor: Think About That

Doing business with the ex-Blackwater chief is bad news, and currying favor with him by pardoning his war criminal employees is doing serious business with him.


rik Prince is perhaps the most dangerous private citizen in the country. He created Blackwater to launder mercenary activities around the world, and then changed the company’s name after some of his hirelings murdered civilians in Iraq, which we will get to in a moment. He held clandestine meetings in out-of-the-way places on behalf of the president’s campaign, and the president* named his sister, Betsy DeVos, to be Secretary of Education, a job for which she was as qualified as I would be to fly a 747, and a job in which she did very little, and all of it badly. These are people with too much power and too much influence. On Tuesday evening, the president* did Prince a solid. From the Washington Post…

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Right-Wing Embrace Of Conspiracy Is ‘Mass Radicalization,’ Experts Warn

The widespread embrace of conspiracy and disinformation amounts to a “mass radicalization” of Americans, and increases the risk of right-wing violence, veteran security officials and terrorism researchers warn.

At conferences, in op-eds and at agency meetings, domestic terrorism analysts are raising concern about the security implications of millions of conservatives buying into baseless right-wing claims. They say the line between mainstream and fringe is vanishing, with conspiracy-minded Republicans now marching alongside armed extremists at rallies across the country. Disparate factions on the right are coalescing into one side, analysts say, self-proclaimed “real Americans” who are cocooned in their own news outlets, their own social media networks and, ultimately, their own “truth.”

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