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An Ex-KGB Agent Says Trump Was a Russian Asset Since 1987. Does it Matter?

In 2018, I became either famous or notorious — depending on your point of view — for writing a story speculating that Russia had secret leverage over Trump (which turned out to be correct). The story’s most controversial suggestion was that it was plausible, though hardly certain, that Russia’s influence over Trump might even date back as far as 1987.

Here is what I wrote in that controversial section:

During the Soviet era, Russian intelligence cast a wide net to gain leverage over influential figures abroad. (The practice continues to this day.) The Russians would lure or entrap not only prominent politicians and cultural leaders, but also people whom they saw as having the potential for gaining prominence in the future. In 1986, Soviet ambassador Yuri Dubinin met Trump in New York, flattered him with praise for his building exploits, and invited him to discuss a building in Moscow. Trump visited Moscow in July 1987. He stayed at the National Hotel, in the Lenin Suite, which certainly would have been bugged…

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Inspection- Consequences

Courtesy Nashville Scene

Every once in a while I use one of my many adventures into fiction as a column. This topic is quite current. Tennessee is passing a law where rapists have a final say pre-birth. Once born they have a say too: even from prison. Visitation too. Every law has unintended consequences. My intent here is for readers to think more deeply about such topics.

By Ken Carman

  Somewhere in Tennessee…
Inspection  The area had been cleared except for what was left of the two bodies. Tucked under her dress in a place most likely not to be searched had been a small: yet potent, explosive. The dress was gone. So was most of what had been her. So much it was hard to tell she was a she. It was as bad with the prisoner. There were a few body parts. The torsos were badly burned. Irony being they were intermixed as they were before during the rape, only far more so.
  “How could this woman have made an explosive so small, so advanced, so undetectable?” the guard asked. Steven was a retired tough guy detective who had investigated many murders. His part time job here at the prison seemed light duty to him… until now.” Read more

McConnell Says Corporations Should Follow His Lead and Not Get Involved in Government

enator Mitch McConnell urged the nation’s largest corporations to follow his example and not get involved in governing the country.

Speaking to reporters, the Senate Minority Leader said that he “could have easily used my position over the years to make the country a better place, but I have wisely resisted that temptation.”

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