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Republican Rigging: Preventing Voter Initiated Ballot Proposals

Written by Robert Warden
Just when you might have thought that Republicans had exhausted their list of strategies to sway the political process in their favor, they have now come up with a new one.
While this one is not intended to directly lead to an increase in the number of Republicans who are elected, it is intended to thwart attempts to bypass the legislative process in order to pass popular, progressive-minded laws through the ballot initiative process (…/voters-supported…/ar-AALePIZ…).
What, specifically, are Republican majority legislatures doing to make passing a ballot initiative at the state level, more difficult?

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Inspection- Inspiring Our Evil Angels

When it comes to actual art, not the arts, I claim to be no Matisse, Bill Carman or Charles Bragg. I think some 5 year olds do better. But I have been having fun playing the part of artist. Coming from a concept artist’s perspective, and since this column was inspired by one of my meager efforts called “Evil Angel,” I thought it fitting to publish it here.

Inspection I understand. In the Bible angels are considered a separate race, separate set of beings. Beings that predate humanity: created by God. Guess God was bored. Eternity can do that. One can twiddle one’s eternal omnipotent thumbs only so long

By Ken Carman

before, “Oh, Hell, I have to do something! Did I just say, ‘Hell?'” Oh, NO!!!
 And then, “Oh, crud, now I need angels to balance all that EVIL…”
 Then, among the blessed… poof! Evil Angel.
 ”Oh, CRUD!!!”
 I’m joking, of course, though sometimes I do wonder if demons and angels, IF they exist, might be the same beings. I wonder, if there is an afterlife, if it’s all the same place. We make it what it is, just like sometimes we do in life. People are all too talented at creating their own, all too personal, hells.
 Evil Angel, in this case, is a metaphor for what is inside us: when our better angels are defeated by convincing ourselves doing evil will eventually be for the greater good.
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“I said you’re in f—ing charge!”: Trump and Gen. Milley’s Situation Room shouting match

Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, repeatedly blew up at President Trump over how to handle last summer’s racial-justice protests, The Wall Street Journal’s Michael Bender writes in his forthcoming book, “Frankly, We Did Win This Election.”

The backdrop: Trump wanted to invoke the Insurrection Act and put Milley in charge of a scorched-earth military campaign to suppress protests that had spiraled into riots in several cities.

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