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Inspection- The Bones of the Believers

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 Every once in a while I have to retype, or reedit, an old column that is one of my favorites. I have written this column so long, and bounced between different venues, I’m not surprised a lot has been lost. This one isn’t political, though when politics and religion merge: as they so often do these days, I suppose one might say it addresses politics in a odd way. And I like the fact every time I rewrite a column new thoughts, new perspectives, flow forth. It’s also been rewritten as a somewhat odd Christmas/seasonal edition.

By Ken Carman

 My father, Bill, was never a religious man until the very end. I guess the best description might have been an agnostic. But insisting on living in the middle of nowhere, known by his own choice as “The Ding-a-Ling Hermit of Twitchell Lake,” I’m sure he got lonely and started going to a church in Inlet, NY. The minister was Yogi Best. I knew InspectionYogi when I was an ad salesman for for WADR in Remsen, NY: a station long gone.
 The year before he died Dad and I were sitting in our home on Twitchell Lake and he was telling me about the miracle he learned about at church. “True” believers got lost in the Adirondacks: easy to do considering the vast amount forever wild. It was in a blinding snowstorm. They got down on their knees and prayed. The weather cleared and the way home became clear.
 ”How’s that for proof!?” Read more

Inspection- For Christmas I Want, Not Just Your, but “Our” Country Back


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 My wife and I don’t buy gifts anymore. Not even for each other. Maybe a good meal and a movie. Santa seems to respect that; or maybe too busy joy riding in his sleigh. I hear he does to tacky, bad, decorations what vandals do to mail boxes with a bat. Not a fan of misleading myths, like Jesus came to America, or that the tipping of the tables somehow wipes out all his kind, loving, messages.
 Jokes and seasonal rants aside, when you live far away from relatives, or most of them are gone, I think Christmas abandonment tends to happen. But this year I am telling my wife, Millie, AND Santa, I DO want something for Christmas…

By Ken Carman

 I don’t mean “our country back” in the same sense those who cry out, “We want our country back!” do. This is not the left’s country. This is not the right’s country. The country belongs to all citizens, not politically correct ones. No matter what your definition of “politically correct” is. It’s not some one sided problem. The concept doesn’t belong to one group of partisans.
Inspection Any measurement other than “ALL” is no more than a demand for a one party dictatorship with, at best, a two party façade.
 I want my country back.
 I want YOUR country back.
 I want all citizen’s country back. Read more

US Generals Issue Chilling Warning of Divided Military and Possible Civil War with next Attempted Coup in 2024

Three retired United States generals are issuing a chilling warning about the possibility of yet another attempted coup in 2024. In an op-ed published by The Washington Post, former Army Major Gen. Paul Eaton, former Brigadier Gen. Steven Anderson, and former Army Major Gen. Antonio Taguba expressed concern about what the future holds for America’s fragile democracy.expressed concern about what the future holds for America’s fragile democracy.

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