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‘Obama Mamas’ Deployed in PA to Help Candidate in Primary

‘Obama Mamas’ Deployed in PA to Help Candidate in Primary

By J. J. Gingleheimer-Schmitt
The Wilkes-Barre Citizen-Review
Updated 45 minutes ago at 2:58 pm EST

Exclusive to the Citizen-Review — According to Steve Puta, Barack Obama’s Pennsylvania Campaign Co-Chair, thousands of women between the ages of 19 and 45 have been sent out across the Keystone State with the mission of convincing male voters to cast their ballots for the Illinois senator April 22.

“It’s really important that we bring in working-class male voters in the 21 to 50 demographic,” Puta said in an interview. “To that end, we’ve been enlisting attractive women to join what we call the Obama Mamas to entice those men into the polling place, in a manner of speaking.”

Puta went on to say that the group was concentrating on sports bars, truck stops, diners, rest stops, hardware stores, unemployment offices and other places where men gather. “We’re in a long hard fight here, but our numbers have been quickly growing since we announced the program last week,” Puta said, “and it’s really awesome that we have these young hotties and MILFs out there, in mini-skirts and high heels, committed to making this a super-sized victory for Barack.”

Maudie Frickert, Director of Hillary Clinton’s Wilkes-Barre County campaign, dismissed the Obama Mamas, “This is a really disgusting sexist stunt. I think he’ll lose a lot of support among women with this. It should be called Bimbos for Barack.”

Obama’s national campaign refused to comment on the Obama Mamas.

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McCain to Seek Pope’s Endorsement

McCain to Seek Pope’s Endorsement

Updated at 2:51 pm EST

WASHINGTON — In a move that took some of his campaign staff by surprise, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain announced last night that he would be flying to Vatican City Tuesday to meet with Pope Benedict XVI.

Vatican spokesman Salvatore Tessio told the Italian newspaper L’Investiaggio that he had been informed Sen. McCain would ask for the endorsement of the Pope during the meeting, adding, “This is highly unorthodox and unprecedented, but I have no official word as yet on whether the Holy Father will grant Mr. McCain’s request.”

Talking to reporters on his campaign bus, Sen. McCain said, “I think it’s important to Americans of the Catholic faith to know that I am on their side, that I am the president they need in a time of war and that we share the same moral viewpoint and love for our Christian God and sweet Jesus above all.”

“It’s pretty obvious that Sen. McCain is trying to shore up Catholic voters,” said Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, reacting to the news yesterday. “The endorsement from Pastor John Hagee, an avowed anti-Catholic, has put the McCain campaign in a tailspin and they’re trying to recoup their losses.”

Bill Donohue, president of Catholics Rising in Anger and Piety, told Newsday, “This cheap pandering won’t work with us. The Pope will never endorse McCain and it’s an affront to the sanctity of Catholicism that he even tries to use our religion to further his political ambitions. I hope the Pope kicks him straight out the door.”

Sen. McCain is scheduled to hold a press conference this evening following the meeting.

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