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Jenn’s First Cup: Averted Vision

Averted Vision

By Jenn Weinshenker

Often when we are looking straight on at a thing our perspective becomes so narrow the truth we seek and the reality we see are totally out of focus. And the harder we try, to speak the sweetest prayer or be the harmony of a breath, the more we try to hold onto that instant of the awareness of the unity we share with all of life is to grasp. It is only by letting go of the important of our intellect, and the achievements we have cultivated that we will find purpose and peace and most importantly experience the beauty of balance and neutrality in the rhythm of all things.

Whether it is the sound wavelength of the air fluttering through the wings of a firefly or the intensity of its flame; what distinguishes one thing from another is merely the relative definition we have used to describe its form or function. In truth objects are not isolated and unaffected by each other. They are an infinite series of elemental probabilities, velocities and frequencies that invariably carry with them the traces of everything they are swirling in, around and through.

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