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The News Pauper: Were In It Deep

By W.B. Dunne

Today in the news there is the story of 13 dead and missing in Texasin a well explosion. I wonder if the bookmakers had to pay out much. I wonder if they made a profit in the insurance payout. There ought to be a site that panders to my desire to know these kinds of things.

The NP in an earlier time was a sound tech for a film being shot in Wyoming. We took a light aircraft to an airport on top of a small mountain and, on the approach, I was treated to the spectacle to what the British Petroleum Company and Halliburton had done to the landscape. The roads that served the copper concerns were red, the coal roads were black, and the entire landscape for as far as one could see was dotted with natural gas wells. The roads that led to them were apparently bulldozed out of the tundra and served only the well, but at least they shared the color of the land surrounding it.

The first bit of wildlife I encountered was what I initially thought was some kind of wild mountain goatbut upon approaching them with the van they did not move off. It seems that in the process of BP buying out the mineral rights or the land itself from the locals, a few of the livestock sheep that got forgotten in the pasture when the former herders sold out had gone feral. They had grown matted and grotesque, and would eventually be eaten by wolves.

By the time I reached the bottom of the road on Airport Mountain, I was becoming acutely aware of the change that had been made since I had been in Wyoming on tour in the ’80s. The ranchers and cowboys were still around, only they lived in town now and worked in service industries that catered to the energy concerns skilled workforce. As we made it out onto the main highway I noticed that there was a new mountain a mile longit was a screen to obscure the work being done behind it. It hid the strip mine that was there. I was amazed to see feta cheese on the menu at the cowboy-corporate diner.

I actually went into the BP office that was tucked into a spot just off the interstate. Halliburton trucks were idling ominously in the early morning March frost. The first thing I noticed was in the areas where the cubicles were for the office workers, they had installed big-screen TVs every couple of yards. All of them were tuned to Fox News and, when they werent, Corporate in Houston would pop in with streaming company meetings. Very high tech. I chuckled as I left when I noticed the new digs were located on Crooks Road.

Today, alas, we all are aware of the Deepwater Horizon. I find it coincidental at best that immediately after this catastrophe we see several smaller energy related incidents occur.

The NP makes his calls in the realm where everything is connected and orchestrated, so it seems prudent to allow for the idea that there might be people powerful enough and evil enough to conspire to take the big one off the front page with a few smaller ones. Im convinced that what I saw in Wyoming was a test market for a social engineering scheme. Corporate was using their own workers as guinea pigs; the cult they created led to this zombie-like acceptance of incompetence as infallibility. Our deep-water horizon has been reachedand beyond it we can never go.

Depend upon the stream of nonsense that will stun the sheep to distract them from the big event that is killing the Gulf of Mexico. That kid that killed Natalee Holloway will help. Work is ongoing in bringing Stacy Petersons corpse onstage. I encourage for all of us an extra measure of skepticism in ingesting anything that does not focus on a sea change in the way energy is done in this country. I think Dick Cheney needs to be jailed so he cant act as an enemy to the people anymore. It is his greed that brought us here. America is no longer exempt from the kind of treatment once reserved for Ecuador or Nigeria. I guess that the Oilcos know that were too weak and complacent and drugged and ignorant to know when were being choked to death.


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What a Difference Two Words Make

Al-Qaeda operatives attack several states in the southern US, causing the deaths of 11 Americans outright, poisoning many others, destroying fishing, tourism and other businesses for generations to come and costing America billions of dollars. CIA spy satellites immediately identify the Al-Qaeda home base that masterminded and launched the attack, and bipartisan voices are raised in Congress and throughout the land demanding the president call in air strikes to destroy the base and send in the Marines to kill off any terrorists left alive. With the world’s support, President Obama acts that very day, ordering the military to bomb the Al-Qaeda base ‘back to the Stone Age’ and putting the Marines on alert. “I will not sit still,” says President Obama in a speech to the nation, “While organizations that plot and profit from destructive acts and cause vast devastation to our nation exist and thrive. We will take every available course of action to put them out of business permanently.”

Replace ‘Al-Qaeda’ with ‘British Petroleum’ and it makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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The News Pauper: This Is It

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper humbly regrets his inability to post regularly. It in no way reflects on the dear readerhere is my latest attempt to say something regarding what is certain to become the most devastating disaster done to us by the Bush-Cheney Cabal.

The NP suspects British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward is making these insane comments in order to divert attention from the fact that BP is not going to let their profits go to save a bunch of fucking turtles. Until they can cap that well and feed it into tankers, theyll let that baby spill. Hell probably get a bonus too, if he can successfully bullshit his way through the crisis and keeps those stock prices up.

I think that the South deserves to be polluted for generations. Their backward thinking and blind support of the robber barons that twisted their trust and faith and patriotism has finally come home to roost. Already there have been anecdotal stories popping up of oil-tinged rain falling in central Florida, there have also been reports of a more reliable nature telling of fisherman engaged by BP in the cleanup becoming ill with nosebleeds and respiratory ailments. How many American lives will be sacrificed to the all-powerful oil company, British Petroleum? Did we lose the Revolutionary War?

If the GOP thinks that the South will sweep them into power again simply because this accident occurred under Barack Obamas watch, they’d better think again. I predict that the presidents cool will carry him through even this horrible event. I think that even the low information reactionary will see through any attempt at steering the blame away from those actually responsible. Even with a mass media that is owned and operated by the energy concerns squelching the stories coming out and priming the memes that do come out, this event has seeped into the conversation in every room in the country. There are suddenly experts in every comment column with vast knowledge of what is being done and many predictions of varying degrees of doom about the outcome. I cant see how an entire summer of increasingly dismal news coming out of the Gulf of Mexico will contribute to the popularity of the ‘Drill Baby Drill’ bunch.

It seems that every time some really bad event takes place anywhere in the world, Dick Cheneys Halliburton is smack in the middle of it. I think this is it for BP, Halliburton, and with their demise will come an era of fierce reprisals and reassessment of the way things are done in the future. If Deadeye Dick lands in St. Helena, like Napoleon, for the rest of his natural life, thatll be icing on the cake for those of us whose peace and tranquility he has stolen forever.

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The News Pauper: Peak Oil Solved!

By W.B. Dunne

The NP was going to lead with a clever quip such as, “You want oil? Well give ya oil!” in an attempt to conjure in the mind of the reader some adage which reminds us to be careful what we pray for. Now we have so much oil that the main occupation of anyone that once walked the sugar sand beaches of west Florida will be cleaning up the treasure disgorged from a hole in the ocean floor. Now the energy policy of the Cheney White House will need to be brought out into the light, so the blame of a generation of lost property values in the gulf states will have a place to lie. Now we have so much oil that the pond south of Texas will become a giant stinking flammable reservoir, filled with the carcasses of the fish, birds, and men in unfortunate proximity. The once-prized beachfront acreage will now be home to the birth defects caused by the residual environmental poisoning.

Mother Nature has sent a strong undeniable message here peopleBig Oil bit off more than they could chew, and the defacto nationalization of the energy industry has just taken place. Big Oils first move when the reality of this event set in was to try to get as many people in the gulf states as possible to sign away their rights to sue for a payment of $5 grand! Of course, the industry cannot begin to effect a solution to the problem they have lobbied their asses off to create so who is in fact doing so? The Federal Government, thats who.

The NP groans at the idea of the contortions needed to take on the logical leap necessary for the polarized factions in this country to take this message and do the right thing with it. Unemployed? Cleanup. Vacation? Cleanup. We should provide free housing, food, laundry, and transportation to anyone willing to spend time assisting in the CLEANUP. We need an unprecedented level of action to deal with the immediate and to design the new model that will replace this outmoded, irresponsible, planet wrecking, corporate mess. The entire board of British Petroleum should be out there in hip waders trying to save the turtles that theyve poisoned. To see the CEO untarring the feathers of an endangered brown pelican would squelch somewhat my urge to tar and feather HIM.

When the NP thinks about the reality of the fact that the budget for one commercial touting the image of the energy giants as responsible partners would have covered the expense for the device that would have prevented this disasterhe contemplates the peaceful manatee to regain a grip on his composure.

All the NP is saying is that what has happened here falls far beyond the need for regulation of corrupt rich men that will do anything to get richer. What has been demonstrated in very high relief is that these companies cannot act like citizens; they are incapable, beyond putting out a few ads, of performing the basic civil functions. They have proven disastrously again and again that they lie, and when theyre caught, they lie again. Anything short of total takeover by people that understand what responsibility means, in the face of such a large-scale example of this, is nothing less than surrender to these sociopathic corporations. There is nothing to the idea that one can insulate oneself from the death of the planet with money and position, as there is nothing to the idea that we can continue to live with this large-scale criminal enterprise we call global corporatism.

When we starve because the earth is so poisoned that it wont sustain us because of the behavior of a few very greedy men, will there be a castle strong enough to protect them?

The meek shall inherit the earth, indeed.

2010 WB Dunne. All Rights Reserved.